Stash Fabrics Kona Club {February}

While I was on my two week staycation, I received my  Stash Fabrics Kona Club fabrics for February.

February 2022 Kona Club

February 2022 Kona Club

When I opened the box, I appreciated the ombré fade from light to dark. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a lovely shift in value!

I’m thinking these fabrics are going to end up displayed in our living room bookshelf. Stay tuned to see how that evolves over the year…

I posted in January that the fabric arrived unlabeled, but I wanted to share a correction here on my blog: the fabrics do indeed come with print labels on them. For whatever reason, the one that I unfolded to check in January must have had the label shift off. The labels tend to be tucked and folded from being seen easily, but it makes it so much easier to know that the fabrics all come with a label!

6 thoughts on “Stash Fabrics Kona Club {February}

  1. I missed your mention of no labels in your January post, or I’d have said something. I order from Stash and one of the things I like most is that they label. It makes it so much easier, especially with those that are so close in value. How are you storing them?

  2. Oh I’m a sucker for that kind of shift too! I have all my Kona stack in rainbow order and mostly in value shift on its shelf. That will be so pretty in your living room!

  3. Suzanne says:

    The color mix is gorgeous!

  4. Love this gorgeous stash and yes it is much better with labels.

  5. So many values. So many possibilities 🙂

  6. Very pretty! Such lovely colors, just like a sunset.

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