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Planview Quilt Along {Piecing #2}

Are you ready for more? If you have already purchased the Planview Quilt Along pattern, you will receive an email today with the Piecing #2 instructions. Look for an email from newsletter@quiltingjetgirl.com with the subject Planview Quilt Along – Piecing #2. If you haven’t joined in yet, simply purchase the Planview Quilt Along and I will add you to the email list and get the information out to you soon!

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Piecing 2 - Tip 1

Piecing 2 – Tip 1

My fist tip when preparing to piece quarter-square triangles and hourglass blocks is to make sure you mark your diagonal lines perpendicular to the sewn seam line of your untrimmed HST units. This may mean that the diagonal line does not run through one of the corners of the block. That is okay!

Piecing 2 - Tip 1 Detail

Piecing 2 – Tip 1 Detail

It is much more important to line up your ruler such that one of the lines overlaps the previously sewn seam line. This will make your QST and hourglass blocks much easier to trim when the time comes!

Piecing 2 - Tip 2 QSTs Mirror Image

Piecing 2 – Tip 2 QSTs Mirror Image

My second tip for Piecing #2 is to note that when you make QSTs and hourglass blocks, each set of blocks will be mirror images of one another, like in the photo above. That is correct!

Piecing 2 - Untrimmed QSTs, HSTs, and Hourglass Blocks

Piecing 2 – Untrimmed QSTs, HSTs, and Hourglass Blocks

As noted in the instructions, after piecing the QSTs and hourglass blocks, there will be a few of the untrimmed HSTs left over. My completed UNTRIMMED QSTs, HSTs, and hourglass blocks can be seen above.

Upcoming Planview Quilt Along Schedule

  • Wednesday, February 23, 2022 – Piecing #3
  • Wednesday, March 9, 2022 – Piecing #4
  • Wednesday, March 30, 2022 – Saturday, April 30,2022 – Final Linkup

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    I love your detail tips! Hopefully I’ll be able to do this later. I am working on club projects.

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