First Block - Pieced Correctly

Sesen Bonus Quilt {First Block}

Crazy as it may sound, I am thankful for my seam ripper. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

First Block - Bottom Row Pieced Upside Down

First Block – Bottom Row Pieced Upside Down

I chain pieced the center four-patch of quarter circle blocks for all 12 blocks, and they came together just fine. But when I sewed on the bottom border for my test block, it looked a little bit funny when I stepped back to take a look. Drat. Upside down.

First Block - Pieced Correctly

First Block – Pieced Correctly

It’s pretty amazing that sewing has a real life “undo” button with a seam ripper. I mean, it’s not ideal, but it didn’t take long to fix.

Just after sewing the test block, we rearranged our cottage and I no longer have a design wall. So hopefully I can get the rest of these blocks pieced without to much unsewing as I go. Time will tell!

6 thoughts on “Sesen Bonus Quilt {First Block}

  1. I too love the redo that unstitching allows!! I have more practice than I care to admit both as a professional Longarm quilter and in personal projects… so much so I own many thread picks which is what I use as to not distort the fabric. I too will be loosing my design wall space for a bit due to renovations so am trying to rethink that!! I suggested the living room as my work in progress could be considered art

  2. Suzanne says:

    I have a big smile on my face because I’m thinking about how many times I’ve used a seam ripper in the last 63 years (approx) and if I had 10 cents for every time I’ve done so! But really, the important part here is if we’re making mistakes, we’re learning, and by fixing them, we’re succeeding! It’s a win-win! So I’d like to offer my congratulations to all you successful quilters out there!

  3. Seam rippers are our friends….and I have given up worrying about taking something out. I used to fret and now, I just chalk it up to wanting it right, and that seems to ease the pain. We learn each time. Good luck with the rearranged cottage. I still use a vinyl tablecloth that I can roll up, for some projects, and that can be a help, but I don’t know if you have that kind of floor space. Small spaces are a constant challenge.

  4. m m mullins says:

    I used to hear about people naming their sewing machines. I always recommended naming their seam rippers because they would be spending a good amount of time with them and should regard them as their friends!

  5. Seam rippers are just so necessary. But your fixed up version is looking great. How are you going to manage without a design wall? I’d be lost without mine.

  6. Debbie says:

    Agreed about the design wall – yikes! The rearrange must have been worth it tho. Glad you are unstitched and restitched and on your way again. This happens to me ALL THE TIME.

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