Friendly Fabric Monster

Sesen Bonus Quilt {Trimming}

Short and sweet for my update today: I was able to get all the Sesen Bonus Quilt 5½” quarter circles trimmed square.

Friendly Fabric Monster

Friendly Fabric Monster

This is the pile of trimmings, turned into one #FriendlyFabric Monster. I like the way the monster appears to be leaving a trail of lint and dust behind it as it sweeps across my cutting mat. I used the base of two large Aurifil spools for the eyes.

MVP for this entire process has been a lint roller. The mess is all tidy now and I have stacks of blocks ready to sew together. I think I’ll start by making one full block to make sure I get it sewn together correctly before blazing ahead to make all the blocks.

4 thoughts on “Sesen Bonus Quilt {Trimming}

  1. Julie A Choate says:

    Love the monster. My husband is fond of decorating avocados with eyes & ears. They’re too cute to eat.

  2. Love your funny monster. I have started stuffing animal beds with the leftover bits….it feels good.

  3. Debbie says:

    Lint rollers are THE BEST! I only figured that out a couple of years ago(!) and don’t know how I lived without one or two in my sewing space for all that time.

  4. Fabric Monsters are the best kind.

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