January 2022 Kona Club

Stash Fabrics Kona Club {January}

EDITED TO ADD: Stash Fabrics reached out to me to let me know that they do label the fabric. Either the yard of fabric I unfolded originally had lost its label, or I just missed it, but I did check and found a label on another yard. So that is really good to know; the labels just seem to be folded into the most tucked away location.

In December, I saw that Stash Fabrics was going to have a Gimme all the Kona Club for 2022. It has been a long held dream of mine to have a bolt of every color of Kona Cotton solid and a large spool of every Aurifil thread color. It’s a lovely fantasy. Surveying our tiny 512 square foot cottage, I put this to the back of my mind. And then my mom asked what I wanted for Christmas…

January 2022 Kona Club

January 2022 Kona Club

Well, I’m getting a yard of every Kona Cotton solid this year. And to say I was excited to open the January box is a bit of an understatement!

January 2022 Kona Club

January 2022 Kona Club

The fabrics did not arrive labeled, which worried me. But also included in the January box was a calendar. And when the fabrics were stacked together, I could tell that they cut them in order (January 1st at the top of the stack and January 31st at the bottom of the stack).

January 2022 Kona Club

January 2022 Kona Club

So with just a little time and patience, I was able to get all the fabrics labeled and tucked away. I really hope that each month comes in this same way to make the labeling something that I won’t dread each month.

I have no grand ideas or plans for the fabric at this time. And yes, that means I’ll be adding at least 365 yards of fabric to my stash in my tiny cottage this year. Worth it, but… well, wish me luck in staying organized. o_O

16 thoughts on “Stash Fabrics Kona Club {January}

  1. Jen Strauser says:

    What a fantastic stash builder! We’re going to need a studio tour once that rainbow is in place.

  2. Liz says:

    You may need a small she shed added to that very small bungalow, just for fabric and thread storage! But I agree with Jen we need a studio tour once you have your rainbow!

  3. Oh my, those colors! I’m sure you will enjoy creating with them. What a great gift!

  4. Patti says:

    Wonderful! I’m so jealous enjoy

  5. That looks like the perfect gift!! How fun to receive every month!!!

  6. Julie says:

    ‘Santa’ really came through!

  7. Debbie says:

    oh talk about a dream come true! That is awesome. I look forward to seeing this adventur develope, both with fabrics coming in and being used in projects! Kinda mind blowing in the most creative of ways! Enjoy!

  8. patty says:

    So pretty. I am really curious where all that fabric will go to be stored!

  9. How wonderful for you!! There is a gift that keeps on giving! I always did wish that their solids came with labels on selvedges, oh well! I have kind of slacked on keeping my solids marked. Not good but heh, a girl can only do so much. Oh enjoy your monthly package and keep showing us the goods please.

  10. Wow, what a cool gift!!! I understand about storage, but for something as great as a complete Kona collection, you’ll find space for it somehow. Enjoy!

  11. Julie Vogel says:

    What a great gift! I love those colors! Good luck with the organization, though I think that is one of your gifts!

  12. That is awesome! You will love having all of them at your disposal. When I worked in the quilt store, I never stashed as the store was my stash. Now, on an island in Maine most of the time, having some basic colors is critical. This gift will more than fit the bill!

  13. Well somehow I missed reading this post but what a great first thing this morning to see and in my (and your) favourite colour! Meh on the wondering about storage in your tiny cottage-I can attest to how easy it is to store a ton of fabric in a small house, wink!

  14. Such pretty blues! Koda has such lovely colors. I look forward to seeing what you come up with this year. Maybe a quilt with each fabric in it? The ultimate scrappy quilt.

  15. Anja @ Anja Quilts says:

    Me too!!! I’d need to built an extension, but I’d love to have my own stash of bolts. ☺ But I have had all the Kona colours in my house at one point, sometimes as small as a 1/4 metre and sometimes more….lots more. LOL I just need to get the current Colour of the Year, which takes time to come to Canada.

  16. What a lovely gift!
    and those colors are so beautiful!
    I have a feeling you will find a storage space – maybe hanging from the ceiling!!

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