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TDR Queen {Finished Quilt}

It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing to get from the basted quilt to a quilt finish this week, but my sample for the Playful Partial Seams workshop that I’ll be teaching at QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix is complete.

Playful Partial Seams - Aurifil Thread and Quilting Detail

Playful Partial Seams – Aurifil Thread and Quilting Detail

50wt Aurifl in 2435 (Peachy Pink) melted into the Tula Pink print perfectly. I did vacillate back and for on whether to use this color matching thread or 2600 (Dove), which is a light gray. I was a bit concerned about how the pink would look on the striped print, but my first instinct was to use the pink and I’m glad that I opted to use it. Even with a contrasting 50wt thread, I don’t think that it tends to show or distract too much, especially from a distance. Clearly, the more contrasting quilting you apply to an area, the more it will show, but for the 1″ spacing I used for this quilt, it’s very subtle and certainly the right choice for the background print.

Also, as you can see in the image above, I used my Hera marker to make some reference lines as I quilted. I started out quilting the background by following the shape of the inset curve star in the center of the quilt. After the 2nd echo, it got a lot harder to have a nice, even arch as the radius of the curve got smaller. But I plowed ahead, even though I *knew* better. So, after quilting a quarter of the quilt, I pulled out my trusty seam ripper and removed my quilting. Then I went back to my tried and true method to mark curves using a ruler and my Hera marker. The results were worth the little bit of extra time.

Playful Partial Seams - Quilt Backing

Playful Partial Seams – Quilt Backing

I guess I’m in a bit of a “use lime green for the quilt backing” phase if you look back at my last finish (Planview quilt)! Once again, it’s a nice way to get a different perspective on the quilting. I use matching bobbin thread to the thread on top, and the pink even melts into this print. I did opt to use navy to hand stitch the binding to the backing; I always try to pick a thread that blends in well with the binding for the finishing hand work.

Playful Partial Seams

Playful Partial Seams

In case you missed all the whoopsies along the way, you can read about the back story for the TDR Queen and my subsequent TDR Queen progress update from earlier this week. Making quilts isn’t always an easy straight line from start to finish. It’s okay to make mistakes, take a break, and come back to finish later. And I’m pretty sure that all the things I did wrong are going to help make my workshop that much better, too.

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10 thoughts on “TDR Queen {Finished Quilt}

  1. Barbara Ford says:

    Absolute gorgeous quilting !

  2. Well that little quilt was not going to finish without one more challenge (and a little ripping), right? I well relate to the “even though I knew” statement; so many rippings could be avoided if I would listen to that. Anyway – it’s a great finish, Yvonne!

  3. Debbie says:

    Whew – you survived! Looks great though, and I agree that your little mishaps along the way will definitely inform your class in a good way.

  4. Rochelle Summers says:

    I feel your pain. Should I just tough it out or try again? Perhaps you said and I missed it. How big is this finish?

  5. Well, that is one fabulous finish. This quilt, for a little one, sure did give you some fits, but you wouldn’t know it to look at it. Glad it is all done…and such a lovely finish. I am sure the class will be a big hit at QuiltCon.

  6. Kaja says:

    It’s really lovely, Yvonne. Pulling out stitches is a pain, but sometimes it is the best solution.

  7. Whoopsies and all, this turned out so well, Yvonne! I love Kristy’s stripe print, both in the quilt top and as the binding. Your quilting really accentuates the pieces so nicely.

  8. Cindy Pieters says:

    No one would ever know that there were oopsies along the way. This turned out beautifully! I like the quilting!

  9. Wonderful how the curves turn into angles on the quilting, fabulous!

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