Playful Partial Seams - Basted

TDR Queen {Making Progress}

After pausing on working on the TDR Queen (Playful Partial Seams workshop sample mini quilt), I was able to come back and make better progress on moving it forward.

Playful Partial Seams - Correct Cut

Playful Partial Seams – Correct Cut

Most importantly, I was able to cut correctly from the background fabric. Whew. With the correct cut under my belt, I was able to successfully get the mini quilt pieced without further mishap. While I did have enough fabric to make 1 more block if I had to, I was really hoping to avoid that.

Playful Partial Seams - Basted

Playful Partial Seams – Basted

While basting a quilt never counts as “fun” for me, I was relieved to get to this step. And mini quilts don’t take that long to baste in the grand scheme of things.

Playful Partial Seams - Basted

Playful Partial Seams – Basted

That said, I was so excited that as soon as I took these photos, I removed the tape and picked up the mini quilt from my floor. Only to realize I had not basted the batting to the backing outside the edges of the mini quilt. So back down it went so I could secure things a bit better before quilting. As long as I don’t make too many mistakes (oh man, I hope I’m not jinxing myself), this mini quilt should get finished up this week.

11 thoughts on “TDR Queen {Making Progress}

  1. There are some quilts that just seem to put us through our paces, right? It’s looking great! I’m confident the quilting will be fantastic!

  2. Debbie Best says:

    Hope is alive!!!

  3. Oh my, this one is really testing your patience. Here’s hoping for a smoothing job quilting and binding!

  4. patty says:

    This mini is making you work for it! 🙂

  5. Noreen says:

    Despite all the work, it’s looking great!!

  6. Julie says:

    That is one naughty little quilt- must be a two year old.

  7. Kaja says:

    It may not be the most cooperative of quilts but it is very lovely.

  8. NCR – Non-conformance Report; CAR – Corrective Action Report; IRR – Issues Requiring Resolution are some of the terms from my working world 🙁
    I am sure you will prevail, regardless of the TDR troubles.

  9. Suzanne says:

    Despite a couple of “hiccups”, this is beautiful! As always, I’m loving the multicolor strips and they’re perfect with the pink print.
    We’re all the same – we all flub it now and then. But sometimes mistakes can provide fun results and good learning experiences. I’ve got to get out my striped scraps and make something similar. I’m sure we all appreciate the inspiration. Thank you for the cute idea!!

  10. This is a really interesting look! I am glad you have persevered!!

  11. Well this made LOL. This has sure been a high-maintenance little quilt! You do know that Mercury is still retrograde right?! I love your method that allows the ‘stars’ to remain intact.

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