Fabric from Needle and Foot

August Stash Acquisitions

As you are likely aware, my friend Bernie, who runs the Needle and Foot Etsy fabric shop, is retiring. Everything in her shop is discounted, and I picked up a few items from her shop that arrived last week.

Fabric from Needle and Foot

Fabric from Needle and Foot

I selected yardage of Royal Blue in FreeSpirit Solids, Chocolate (Dark Brown) in FreeSpirit Solids, Picnic in Straw, Picnic in Brick, and Stripe in Blue. I think the 3 prints are going to make excellent binding choices for some future quilts. Bernie also included a small cut of Postage Stamps (on Gray, I think) as a little bonus.

I’ve been thinking about brown a lot recently. I even shared my musings in an Instagram post a few weeks ago. I have to admit that brown is a color I use infrequently, and I don’t have much of in my stash. I am definitely thinking this brown yardage needs to be put into a quilt next year.

Brown – have you used it in a quilt / do you keep it in your stash?

8 thoughts on “August Stash Acquisitions

  1. Julie says:

    Ha,ha,ha! The love affair began with a brown linen suit I wore in high school. Yes, in the olden days we dressed up for school & my favorite outfit was my linen suit with a white blouse that had a frothy cascade of lace at the neckline. It looked like the Victorian/Edwardian era. I love to quilt with all colors & all shades of brown are frequently featured. You can find me in clearance corner buying up all the browns nobody else appreciates.

  2. I just bought some yardage in brown from Bernie, too, for the same reason. I don’t have much in my stash, and I think it will be a challenge to see how I can include the brown solid in a quilt. Those prints are going to be great as bindings.

  3. aquilterstable says:

    oh yeah. Stashing some brown is a good idea! 😉 Tho I don’t use it often, I definitely am a fan, and look forward to seeing what yours becomes.

  4. It is fun to help a friend retire this way, and benefits you with a little stash enhancement. I love what you bought and, yes, I do use brown. I like it as a softer option for black in many places and often think it is a nice finish for a piece I want to frame. One of my favorite quilts with brown was a log cabin I did with some ladies from a church with a reproduction pattern from the Lowell MA mills, with blues and browns. I still love that fabric, and wish I had hoarded some of it!

  5. What beautiful additions to your stash! I have a lot of brown in my stash. We discussed browns in Color Lab this past week, and I’ve been thinking of using it in more of my quilts. Maybe 2022 will be brown’s year.

  6. The first time I realized the serious brown gap in my stash was when I was making the Colorwash 360 quilt with Wanda Hanson of Exuberant Color. I have some brown now – more scraps than yardage, thanks to the generosity of friends 🙂 I make a point to make at least one brown block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. And tree trunks, of course, such as in relief quilts for Australian Bushfires. As an IB ambassador I have received browns that I used this year in at least three quilts. They work beautifully with yellow, orange and green 🙂

  7. Maxine Mullins says:

    Because I do a lot of charity quilting, people give me whatever they don’t want, and lots of that is brown. It definitely comes in handy
    for nature quilts with lots of greens and browns in the forest. I like the traditional blue and brown quilts as well.

  8. Isabelle Doblanko says:

    I like brown and yes, I have used it in several quilts.

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