Wayward Transparency

Wayward Transparency Workshop at Gotham Quilts

Gotham Quilts is hosting me to teach a virtual Wayward Transparency workshop in October. The workshop will be split into two Saturdays: October 23rd and October 30th. I’ve been teaching virtually for quilt guilds for over a year, and it’s exciting that this workshop is an opportunity that is available to anyone interested.

Wayward Transparency - Pink Prints

Wayward Transparency – Pink Prints

For Session 1 on October 23rd, I will begin with discussion about approaching fabric selection when you are working with or wanting to make a transparency quilt, and the talk includes tips and tricks on how to use common technology to your benefit when shopping online or in person. After the discussion, I will answer your individual questions to ensure you are set up for success and ready to apply what you have learned about the visual relationship between different colors, print sizes, values, and tones by working through the Wayward Transparency pattern in Session 2 on October 30th.

Wayward Transparency - Blue Prints

Wayward Transparency – Blue Prints

I love working through the Wayward Transparency pattern, because it offers you the ability to have fun with prints; even directional prints! The Wayward Transparency pattern requires 2 fabrics that differ in value (for example, light value and medium value, light value and dark value, or medium value and dark value), plus an additional background fabric that can complement or contrast. For most of the example quilts shown in this post, I extended the monochromatic color scheme out into the background. Choosing to set your piecing into different background color, like white (shown below), is another great option. Note that strong directional prints (like stripes) are not suggested for use for the background (Fabric A), but I will cover how to successfully incorporate direction prints as options for Fabrics B and C.

Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt

Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt

To learn more and join me in October, visit Gotham Quilts to learn more about their Wayward Transparency Virtual Workshop.

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  1. This is such a fun and versatile quilt design.

  2. I really enjoyed making this quilt back when you ran it for a QAL. Interestingly, in a wee-ooh, wee-ooh way, I just pulled it out to use when I taught my last Live yoga class on Instagram yesterday morning! Our in-person classes resume next week.

  3. bbdolls67 says:

    Beautiful color combination!

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