Transparent Building Blocks Fabric Pull

Transparent Building Blocks {Design and Fabric Pull}

Some friends are expecting their first child later this year, and I have been working with them on a design and fabric selection to make a baby quilt. They are not going to learn the gender until birth, and other than not wanting something that read as stereotypically gender related, I had pretty free reign to come up with a design and color palette. I noodled on this for approximately one minute before sitting down and drawing out a design that I’ve been thinking about for a few years.

Transparent Building Blocks

Transparent Building Blocks

It didn’t take long to finally sketch out the idea: I wanted to combine basic shapes (in this case a circle, square, and right triangle) in a cascading series. The shapes themselves remind me of the big, chunky wooden building blocks I had as a child. Thankfully my friends liked the sketch as much as I did; that was quick and easy!

Next, I went looking around in my stash and mocked up lots of colorway options for them to consider.

White Background Options

White Background Options

Kona Shadow Background Options

Kona Shadow Background Options

Kona Navy Background Options

Kona Navy Background Options

I was a bit concerned I was sending over too many options, but my friends were able to narrow it down to the light green on navy option. It’s one thing to look at a lot of options together, so the next step was to physically pull the fabric out of my stash and see the combination together.

Transparent Building Blocks Fabric Pull

Transparent Building Blocks Fabric Pull

Although getting a good photograph of the fabric pull proved to be challenging. The fabrics are Kona Navy, Freespirit Light Jade, and Kona Enchanted. The greens in the photograph appear a bit more muted and lighter than they do in person to me.

Final Layout - Based on Fabric Pull

Final Layout – Based on Fabric Pull

As you can see in the mock up above, we opted to float the center of the quilt with a small border to give the design a bit of space. The quilt top will measure 54″ square when pieced.

With the final go ahead, I dove into the more onerous task of calculating yardage and piece counts. In fact, I went ahead and wrote out a full quilt pattern that will be offered in three sizes. I’ll work through testing the pattern as I make the baby quilt and hopefully have both a quilt and pattern release to share in the next month or so. Time to cut some fabric!

12 thoughts on “Transparent Building Blocks {Design and Fabric Pull}

  1. Dawn says:

    I really like this design! Well done!

  2. Roseline McIntosh says:


  3. aquilterstable says:

    Perfect idea for a baby quilt and I love that you were able to give your friends so many options. I like the dark background a lot!

  4. susanbk says:

    Love this! Just perfect for a baby quilt (or any size quilt, for that matter). Simple, but sophisticated.

  5. Diane Halinski says:

    Love the design. Perfect for baby at any age.

  6. Ooh, I like this one Yvonne! Great baby/toddler/teen through adult lap – sized quilt! Love the green on navy too, another one of my faves.


    A very attractive quilt. I like the modern fell with a little traditional in it. The greens really look nice against the navy blue. Congrats.

  8. M M Mullind says:

    Works for me!

  9. Elizabeth E. says:

    You answered my question on IG (line drawing or shapes/color for first mock-up), but coming here to the blog brings me an array of your handiwork and a multitude of choices. They are all very interesting and give different effects. I love the continued use of transparency!

  10. Love the way this came together. It is so nice when someone is not intimated by the choices. Floating it is perfect.

  11. I love this design and it is awesome to show so many different layouts with the different color options!

  12. Lots of fun options, I’m not sure I could have picked just one version.

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