Orange Transparency Mini Mini Quilt
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Orange Transparency Mini Mini Quilt

In April, an international Quilting Jetgirl patron unlocked their mini mini quilt reward. When I asked if they had any preferences, it was noted that they like my transparency designs and that their favorite color is orange. I immediately went to my bin of orange prints and started tinkering around with options based on what I had on hand.

Orange Transparency Mini Mini Quilt

Orange Transparency Mini Mini Quilt

And a few hours later, I had a finished mini mini quilt! I love that due to their size (this mini mini finished at 6 1/4″ square edge to edge), they can be made quickly.

I took the finished mini mini on a tour around the yard to see how it compared in size and vibrancy with some of the blooming orchids before shipping it away. These orchids are the smallest of the bunch.

Orange Transparency Mini Mini Quilt

Orange Transparency Mini Mini Quilt

This is probably the photograph that shows the mini mini in as close to true color as I was able to capture. I opted for crosshatch quilting; denser in the center and moving out to be less dense at the edges of the quilt.

Orange Transparency Mini Mini Quilt

Orange Transparency Mini Mini Quilt

More than showing off the back of the mini quilt, which features Speckled from Ruby Star Society, the photograph shows just how large these particular orchids are!

Orange has really been speaking a lot to me lately, so it was doubly fun getting to use it in this mini mini quilt. What color have you found to be using the most in your quilts right now?

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14 thoughts on “Orange Transparency Mini Mini Quilt

  1. Mali Storli Engedal says:

    Love it

  2. jaxie985 says:

    I like this very much, I had some fabrics picked for an overlapping transparency idea a few months ago, but I’m not sure what happened to them, i.e., if I still have them. But I have some solids in shades of grey and am going to try this idea. I’ve done something similar in tapestry and love it, it’s just pleasing, somehow, to overlap two colors and get a third. And the mini quilt is an excellent concept. Thank you for the reminders and getting my creative juices flowing.

  3. Suzanne says:

    No offense to your darling little quilt but THOSE ORCHIDS, Wow!! And growing wild yet. What a superb backdrop for the quilt.

    You know me, I’m not always loving hot colors. Even so the quilt, along with the lush background of greenery and orchids, makes exceptionally beautiful photos. It would be neat to see three of them framed and hung as a triptych.

  4. Orange is my favorite color, and I’m about to do a test quilt using some orange. However, light greens have been popping up in my quilting lately.

  5. Debbie Best says:

    Super awesome! Do you have a pattern for that?

  6. aquilterstable says:

    Darling little mini and you are surrounded by such beauty. Orange has really grown on me too!

  7. Quilt and flowers paired together are stunning! I love your quilt tag. Where does one get customized tags?

  8. Just love that orange mini mini and I’m not a huge fan of orange! It reminds me though so much of the orange Triangle Transparency quilt I made for my nephew. 🙂 Those orchids take my breath away! How fortunate you are to live where are they bloom so abundantly. Yay for following and realizing your dreams!

  9. The mini quilt is a darling and the orchids are gorgeous. I hope you have finally settled in your new home. It is a big change from the west coast and I wish you all the very best.

  10. What a lovely mini, and I love the photos with the orchids.

  11. Danice G says:

    That is really a cute mini mini quilt. One that size would work for a mug coaster, too.

  12. Kaja says:

    I haven’t used much orange, but I’m watching a tv show at the moment where someone wears a fantastic orange coat and it has made me think about using it in a quilt. I like the binding on this especially; the binding seems so much more important on something tiny.

  13. I love the mini and those orchids are huge. I don’t use a lot of orange, but just did. Wonder if there is something in the water?

  14. Its perfect! and with all that color – Love it!

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