Pulsar Fabric Pull

Pulsar 2.0 Pattern Writing and Fabric Pull

Ever since I made Pulsar in December of 2019, I have intended to come back to it and write a full pattern for the design. Here is what the first quilt looked like:



I snatched bits of time over the past several weeks and have finally sorted out the math for how to set the corner blocks for a range of quilt sizes. The first version I made will be what I call the crib size, which finishes at 36 inches squares. To double check myself, I even followed my directions and made a test block using sheets of paper and taping them together (it was a fast way to check my work)!

Testing Block Directions with Paper

Testing Block Directions with Paper

I’ve sent the pattern off to Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs to have her tech edit the full pattern (from instructions to all the quilt math and everything in between). The next step in the process for me is to follow the written pattern to make another (larger) version, so I had a look through my stash and have selected my fabrics for the next version of the quilt that I hope will come together to be the cover quilt.

Pulsar Fabric Pull

Pulsar Fabric Pull

The rich Kona cotton in Nightfall is going to be the background, with the star radiating out from yellow to the lovely red cross weave at the edges.

I am already thinking about how I’ll want to quilt this: concentric circles, a spiral, and custom treatment within each color are all vying for attention. Hopefully the quilt will tell me what it wants as I work on piecing it!

8 thoughts on “Pulsar 2.0 Pattern Writing and Fabric Pull

  1. Tamara Gassen says:

    I am so loving the colors. I think they are going to fantastic in the quilt. Have a great day!

    1. Barbara Ford says:

      I love the pattern and colors.

  2. This is going to be stunning, Yvonne. Enjoy the process!

  3. Patty says:

    Love the fabric pull!

  4. Julie says:

    It’s a beauty! Eagerly awaiting the pattern launch.

  5. Kaja says:

    Lovely colours, Yvonne. I really like the way you have photographed the fabrics too.

  6. Great fabrics! That cross-weave is beautiful!

  7. Love the colors you’ve picked for your next version.

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