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Fractures Quilt Pattern Release

The expanded version of the Fractures digital quilt pattern (which was previously available to Modern Quilt Guild members through Modern Monthly in lap size only under the name Rock Candy) is complete and available in the Quilting Jetgirl digital pattern shop. The Fractures pattern includes instructions to make the quilt in six sizes:

  • baby (48″ x 48″)
  • throw (48″ x 72″)
  • lap (72″ x 72″)
  • twin (72″ x 96″)
  • queen (96″ x 96″), and
  • king (120″ x 120″).

Fractures – Lap Size (72″ x 72″)

My husband was willing to help hold Fractures for me in front of our blooming hibiscus. The red flowers accented in the greenery seemed like a perfect backdrop for the quilt!

Fractures is a design I created after spending an afternoon with my nieces, who each delighted in the simple treat of a lollipop. The design evolved as I thought about the rounded edges that can become sharp in your mouth, especially when choosing to chew a candy instead of slowly savoring it.

Fabrics & Materials

Fabric Key

Fabric Key

Fractures uses 7 fabrics. When selecting your color palette, consider looking for colors that match your favorite lollipops or hard candy treats. The suggested layout for each quilt size varies slightly, as it was my design goal to have Fabric A flow from one block to the next as much as possible in the final layouts.

To make the cover quilt, I was provided with Moda Bella solids in Zen Grey, Charcoal, Avocado, Horizon Blue, Amelia Pink, Pomegranate, and Seafoam along with Warm & White batting from the Warm Company.


Fractures - Detail

Fractures – Detail

I densely quilted Fractures with matchstick quilting on my Juki domestic machine using matching 50wt Aurifil thread: 4182 (Dark Turquoise) to match Horizon Blue, 2250 (Red) to match Pomegranate, 2423 (Baby Pink) to match Amelia Pink, 5006 (Light Turquoise) to match Seafoam, 2887 (Very Dark Olive) to match Avocado, 2600 (Dove) to match Zen Grey, and 4241 (Very Dark Grey) to match Charcoal.

Fractures Pattern Details

Fractures - Baby Quilt Coloring Page

Fractures – Baby Quilt Coloring Page

The Fractures pattern is written at a confident beginner to intermediate level. The pattern does contain curves, but they are large and perfect for anyone ready to tackle learning to sew curves.

The pattern contains instructions to make a baby (48″ x 48″), throw (48″ x 72″), lap (72″ x 72″), twin (72″ x 96″), queen (96″ x 96″), or king (120″ x 120″) size quilt. Also included is a coloring page for each quilt size, and lots of illustrations to guide you through each step of the quilt making process.

Fractures is on sale in my pattern shop as a digital pattern at a special introductory price of $10 through Monday, February 8th. Once you make a Fractures quilt of your own, you can share it via social media using the hashtag #FracturesQuilt.

In my pattern shop, you can combine this introductory sale price with an additional coupon for even more savings. Use the code “TWOPDFS” for $2 off 2 patterns or “THREEPDFS” for $4 off 3 patterns.


I would like to thank Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs for her technical editing, advice, and consultation throughout the pattern writing process. Cheryl was a great sounding board when I designed and made the quilt in 2019, and I appreciate her attention to detail when she reviews my patterns.

Alternate Colorways

When I created Fractures, I was thinking about lollipops and other hard candies, so it has been fun for me to explore some alternate colorways to see how the design reads with changes in the palette.

Fractures - Alternate Colorway 1

Fractures – Alternate Colorway 1

I found a photo of unwrapped lollipops to use for the color inspiration for Alternate Colorway 1. The sticks for the lollipops were white, so I make Fabric A, which moves and connects the blocks across the quilt, white. Using the Palette Builder Tool from Play Crafts, the best color matches for Alternate Colorway 1 are: Kona Cotton White, Kona Cotton Haze, Bella Solids Tea Rose, Bella Solids Teal, Kona Cotton Asparagus, Bella Solids Honeydew, and Bella Solids Butterscotch.

Fractures - Alternate Colorway 2

Fractures – Alternate Colorway 2

Alternate colorway 2 is very bold and based on jolly ranchers, another favorite hard candy from my youth. The bright yellow on the twisted wrappers is iconic, so I chose it for Fabric A in this version. Using the Palette Builder Tool from Play Crafts, the best color matches for Alternate Colorway 2 are: Kona Cotton Citrus, Kona Cotton Mulberry, Bela Solids Pink, Kona Cotton Peacock, Bella Solids Key Lime, Bella Solids Cayenne, and Kona Cotton Chartreuse.

Remember, you can get the Fractures pattern in the Quilting Jetgirl pattern shop for only $10 through Monday, February 8th.

In my pattern shop, you can combine this introductory sale price with an additional coupon for more savings. Use the code “TWOPDFS” for $2 off 2 patterns or “THREEPDFS” for $4 off 3 patterns.

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  1. What a neat pattern! I like how you had the white move through the quilt.

  2. aquilterstable says:

    One of my favorites of your designs – perfect indeed in front of that hibiscus!

  3. patty says:

    Love this quilt and the fact that you’ve simplified the coloring diagram!

  4. Such a beautiful design and I love the quilting!

  5. Congrats on the new pattern release. I really that pastel fabric palette.

  6. Izzy says:

    Congrats on the new pattern release! I really love how the soft surves look and although curves really do scare me, I’m off to the pattern shop to get this one – might be time for me to tackle these and learn something new!

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