Fractures - Returned

Quilt Return

Almost 14 months ago I shipped off a quilt to the MQG to be part of their Modern Monthly series, and last week it was returned back to me. It had a bit more circuitous a route to get to me due to my recent move (it was shipped to my old address, forwarded to my in-laws who held it until we were established for a while before sending it on to its new home). You may remember me introducing you to the quilt under the name Rock Candy. It turns out that another quilt was already released that is named Rock Candy, so I have decided to rename my pattern Fractures.

Fractures - Returned

Fractures – Returned

It’s a good feeling to see an old friend for the first time in over a year. I sure hope that many of us will get to start experiencing that feeling with real friends (aka people and not just quilts) this year as the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more available… but I digress.

Fractures - Pieced Hanging Sleeve

Fractures – Pieced Hanging Sleeve

As I was opening the quilt, my eye noticed the scrappy / pieced hanging sleeve that I created from left over fabrics from piecing the quilt top, and it made me smile.

I am working to have an expanded Fractures pattern ready for release one week from today, on Friday, February 5th. What quilt sizes do you look for or wish you could find more often in a pattern?

10 thoughts on “Quilt Return

  1. Danice G says:

    I love the pattern. Lately I tend to look for smaller quilt size patterns, like baby or throw size, Hope you are all situated in your new home.

  2. I have never made a sleeve from scraps, good idea!

  3. I’d have to say I look more often for queen size patterns, since I’m on the hunt for a new quilt for our bed. Fractures is a pretty quilt; I’ll be watching for the pattern release!

  4. Debra G Best says:

    What fun to get your quilt back !
    I like rectangular quilts.

    How are you settling in?

  5. patty says:

    How nice to get an old friend back!

  6. Joanne H. says:

    I remember this quilt well, and am happy to see it again. Lately, I’ve been making twin or queen size quilts because I find they are the most useful size for us or the recipients.

  7. Makes me think of the books my daughters loved, The Sisterhood of the Travelling….Quilt! Love seeing that quilting again. 🙂

  8. All the redirections had to be a bit scary, I was almost certain one of my projects had gotten lost in the mail just before Christmas. I tend to make smaller quilts, throw sized for the couch or recliner is my preferred size these days.

  9. Lap and Queen are my favorite sizes, but twins are good too. Glad you quilt returned to you safely and soundly after a long journey! Look forward to the pattern release!

  10. Allison Reid says:

    Throw sized quilts are my favourite. Anything bigger that 70″ square is just no fun to quilt on a domestic machine!

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