Bokeh Fabrics Cut

Bokeh {Cutting Fabric}

Cutting fabric to start a new project is my least favorite step in the quilt making process. It is always heavily outweighed by the fact that I am excited to get to make something (!!), but it’s still the part of the process I like the least. I just find the time it takes to be tedious. As a related aside, it is for this very reason I’m not a big chain piecer – I like to get up and move between steps a bit, so I’ll work on a set of units at a time as I am piecing.

Bokeh Fabrics Cut

Bokeh Fabrics Cut

I have recently been listening to a lot of different podcasts, and I have found that listening to them really helps me when I am going through the cutting stage for a quilt.

Bokeh Fabrics Cut

Bokeh Fabrics Cut

I’m happy to say that the Bokeh quilt fabric cutting is complete (while educating myself through several new episodes of Code Switch), so now it’s on to the fun of piecing. Well, after a short distraction that I’ll tell you about later this week: first, I want to cross off one more of my 2020 goals. Wish me luck!

Bokeh Fabrics Cut

Bokeh Fabrics Cut

This last photograph really shows the texture in the Northcott Fabrics Toscana White Wash 9030-10. I am also using Dublin Gray 9040-92, Dublin Clearwater 9040-61, Dublin Bahama Breeze 9040-63, and Dublin Peacock 9040-68.

Quick reminder: today is the last day of the Pistils & Pollen digital quilt pattern sale!

What are you working on this week?

8 thoughts on “Bokeh {Cutting Fabric}

  1. Those fabrics are so pretty. I’m not a huge fan of cutting either, but I never think to listen to a podcast! I’ll have to give that a try.

  2. those colors are just amazing… I love to cut, but that looks like a lot of cutting!!

  3. Patty says:

    Pretty fabric and a big pile of squares!

  4. I never like cutting either, but some is easier than others, and sometimes I find it is a good after dinner activity…prep work for the next day!

  5. claykh77 says:

    Love the colors you are working with! I agree that the cutting can be tedious at times. Most of the time I don’t cut all of the pieces out at once. I like to cut some, then sew that together. That way I don’t have to try to keep track of large #s of pieces. Just cut some and then sew that up. When I run out of cut pieces, then cut some more. By the time I get to the end it is easy to count the number of pieces that are needed to complete the process. That’s why I do enjoy using precuts. But sometimes they just don’t work and yardage is a better way to go.

  6. riseline says:

    I sure am forward to cutting a new QAL !!!

  7. Suzanne says:

    Oh boy! I just know this will be a beauty!

  8. You selected some beautiful fabrics for you next project. I’m not a fan of cutting fabrics either, I tend to cut as I go rather than cut all at once. Though I’m not sure if cutting fabrics or prepping quilts is my least favorite parts of quilting. Those two are pretty much neck and neck.

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