Bonus Blocks

Bonus Bouquet {Work in Progress}

I had a really fun and productive week quilting last week. The air quality in my California town continues to be bad enough that I am not able to go outdoors for my evening walk, and I started sewing in the evenings after dinner for a bit instead. I’m definitely stir crazy but thankful our area isn’t near any fires (knock on wood), so having a bit of sewing distraction in the evenings helped me channel some of my restlessness a bit.

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

First up is a pretty big sneak peek of the now finished quilt I made for Pat Sloan’s upcoming Morrison Park fabric release (full quilt release and pattern coming on October 2nd). The free motion quilting went so quickly! While I do love straight line quilting with my walking foot on my Juki, you might see me playing around with free motion quilting more for the next few finishes. Hard to say, though; each quilt will tell me what it wants and needs.

Bonus Blocks

Bonus Blocks

As the sneak peek photo gives away, I went straight into working with the bonus blocks. It’s really fun to be able to add in just a bit of an additional background fabric (Kona Cotton in Coal, in this case) to get a second and different quilt! By pinning a batch of curves every afternoon, I was able to get the blocks sewn together and pressed in the evenings after dinner last week.

Trimming Bonus Blocks

Trimming Bonus Blocks

I’m at the stage where I need to now trim all the bonus blocks square. Usually I can just put on an audio book and get them all trimmed at once. This time, I’m allowing myself a bit more freedom to play.

Bonus Bouquet Block

Bonus Bouquet Block

After I trim 4 bonus blocks, I get the fun reward of getting to sew them together into the Bonus Bouquet block. My goal this week will be to get the blocks all squared up, sewn together, and I’m sure once I get that done I’ll be motivated enough to have the whole quilt top pieced together.

What are you working on this week?

7 thoughts on “Bonus Bouquet {Work in Progress}

  1. Shannon says:

    Ooooh, I can’t wait to see your FMQ!! Always fun to play with new techniques :)

  2. So fun to see prints popping up in your projects. The Kona Coal really sets those pretty prints off, too. Curious to see what you are creating.

  3. Suzanne says:

    I agree with PiecefulWendy, it’s very nice to see you include some prints. Your color combination is charming too so I’m sure the finished product will be gorgeous!

    I’m relieved to know you’re not in the path of the terrible fires. It’s horrible knowing so many have lost so much, not just property but so many lives! It’s heartbreaking They are in my prayers every day.
    I hope the prevailing winds soon change and clear your air. It must be awful to be stuck inside, let alone breathing in such air when it’s necessary to go out. During my career, I was back and forth to California a lot over the years and have spent time in places from Napa to the Bay Area, Santa Clara, San Jose and San Diego. I grew up on the east coast and remain a die-hard east coast woman but California is a beautiful state and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

  4. Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses says:

    Hi, Yvonne! I had fun catching up on your blog this morning. I love your new curved designs and that you are making quilts for Pat Sloan and Northcott Fabrics. These bloom blocks are going to be fabulous. Take care!

  5. Such fun you are having with your circles. It is fun to see the bonus ones coming together. I have a picture in my mind; I’ll let you know if it matches your bonus project.

  6. Looking forward to seeing the reveal of each quilt. How smart and efficient to use up the left overs right away. That takes a lot of discipline, which I wish was my strength in the sewing room.

  7. I like what you’ve quilted in the circles! It’s looking good; glad you have something to help you keep occupied in a worrying time.

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