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The MQG decided in early May to pivot from a live conference to an all-virtual event for 2021, QuiltCon Together, in order to protect the health of attendees, staff, volunteers, faculty members, vendors, and more. As a member of the crew, I have to admit that I was simultaneously relieved at the early decision and gutted to miss out on working with some of my closest friends for 10 days to host the event.

Member registration for QuiltCon Together is happening this Wednesday, July 15th at 10 a.m. EDT, and members will be receiving the link for registration and more details today. Non-member registration opens on Monday, August 3rd. Due to the online format, I am really excited for the opportunity to engage with quilters around the world that don’t normally have the opportunity to travel to the in-person event.

I’m excited to be participating in a panel lecture and teaching 3 workshops for QuiltCon Together. Full details on all lectures and workshops for QuiltCon Together can be found in the catalog. Today I thought I would share details on the lecture and workshops I am involved with and teaching.

LE21: Improv Through Many Eyes
Panel: Yvonne Fuchs, Chawne Kimber, Anne Sullivan, Melanie Tuazon
Saturday, February 20, 2021, 5 pm

What do you think when you hear improv? Is it wild and free, controlled but without a pattern, or something altogether different? Sit down with our moderator and a few quilters with different approaches when it comes to improv to learn about their process.

DES007: Quilt Design

Combining discussion and exercises, find your best design process, environment, and tools for creating quilt designs. The workshop will explore common design considerations and techniques such as design constraints, sources of inspiration, an design for commission. The exercises will be geared to help you learn about yourself while exploring different approaches to quilt design. The workshop is not geared toward supporting a specific design software, but it is structured as a hands-on, visual approach to considering design using pencil and paper. We are all creative – the secret to success is to show up, try, learn, modify, and repeat. Learn how to build, modify, and grow your quilt design process and confidence.

DSMQ010: Thread Painting

Unlock your creativity through a new method! This workshop will focus on developing thread painting design and quilting skills from sample quilting to a small mini quilt. Students will review how to start from an inspiration image or idea, how to break down your quilting approach, and important other considerations to enable you to turn your next project into a work of art. Topics include image selection and preparation, template making, background layout, thread selection, quilting motif selection and stitch length, and minimizing distortion. Free motion quilting experience is important for student success.

Required for Class: Sewing Machine, Free-Motion Foot

PIE013: Mini Mini Quilts

Are your batting scraps and scrap bin overflowing, begging to be used? Mini Mini Quilts offer a lot of fun opportunities for creative play! Small projects can help unlock your sewjo. Let’s explore the fun realm of Mini Mini Quilts, finished quilts with an edge length of approximately 4″ or smaller. The workshop will cover some quilt design in the form of discussion about design constraints. We will explore the balance between full design development and improvisation. Yvonne will also share her approach for quilting and binding these tiny quilts.

Required for Class: Sewing Machine

I see a workshop or two that I’m hoping to register for; will you be signing up?

5 thoughts on “QuiltCon Together Registration

  1. patty says:

    What a great line up of classes! I’ve a wish list of classes for QC that I need to review and trim down before Wednesday’s registration!

  2. Debbie Jeske says:

    Good for you to be able to teach AND participate! And yes, I’m definitely signing up!

  3. Fun to be able to teach and play. I will have to decide if I am doing any classes….not sure what the heck I want to focus on these days…maybe after my review of the first 6 months this will become clearer.

  4. I’m trying for a couple of lectures. I’m really choked however that they put the awards ceremony behind a pay wall. I know it’s free once you register for a class or lecture, but still. Shame on them. Sorry, rant over.

  5. Kate Swallows says:

    So glad they moved Quilt Con on line for next year. It’s sad they had to do that, but better that then nothing at all.

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