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Organization for 2020

Everything in my home is trending to be more and more minimal; for example, we no longer have a sofa in our living room (but 2 of my husband’s homemade jet engines are proudly on display!). So it really is no surprise that my stash is on the smaller side. To be fair, I typically purchase fabric specifically for a project. That being said, it’s really important to me how my stash is organized and sorted. I recently had an opportunity to refresh and reorganize my sewing space, and I am loving my bright white walls this winter!

Solids and Thread

Solids and Thread

One of my favorite areas in my studio is my stack of solid fabrics and my Aurifil thread rack. Taking the time to keep them both sorted in rainbow order is something that brings me a lot of pleasure. Because I typically use 50wt thread, I keep all the 50wt thread visible on my thread rack and all of my other thread weights in a bin on the shelf beside my stack of solids.

Because I usually piece my projects using 50wt Aurifil 2600 (Dove), I have a big stack of pre-wound 2600 bobbins ready to go and on my thread rack, too. If it exists, I also keep a single matching wound bobbin underneath each large spool of thread on the rack.

Collection CF by Carolyn Friedlander

Collection CF by Carolyn Friedlander

For Christmas, my mother gifted me this beautiful fat quarter bundle of Collection CF by Carolyn Friedlander. I sorted the fat quarters into rainbow order and I have them stashed together as the full collection in their own separate bin for the moment. I typically mix my collections into my stash, but I want to consider if there is a quilt or two begging to be made with these as a grouping first.

How do you store big collections and bundles like this (the Collection CF has 37 prints!)?

Desktop Organization

Desktop Organization

At the end of December and beginning of January, I tackled some other organizational topics to feel ready for 2020: computer files, computer backup, and planner preparation. I am a member of the Craft Industry Alliance (affiliate link) and I downloaded their desktop organizer background (you must be a member to access) in aqua to help me clean up my desktop. I love that it has the 2020 calendar along the side that I can reference! I also made sure to back up all my files and schedule to have regular computer backups throughout the year. When was the last time you backed up your files??

Monthly Calendars from

Monthly Calendars from

I customized monthly calendars from and printed them out to put on my magnet board above my computer. I keep 4-5 months up on my magnet board at a time and write down all my social media planning, project planning, and key deadlines on the calendars to easily refer to during the year. I also printed out my 2020 Goals to put on my board to hopefully keep me on track or at least help me make better choices about when I want to deviate from my plan.

I am excited about several new blog linkups that are beginning in 2020! Sarah from Sarah Goer Quilts is going to host a monthly “Show Me Something…” linkup. The challenge for January is to link up a project that features the color purple. Sarah will pick a new category for each month and it won’t always be a color. I’m looking forward to participating when I can.

Kathleen from Kathleen McMusing will be hosting a monthly tips & tutorials linkup on the 22nd of each month.

Have you seen any other new linkups announced for 2020?

With my studio and files organized and at least a start of a plan for 2020 in place, I’m ready for a great year. Do you have any end of the year / beginning of the year / favorite organization habits?

15 thoughts on “Organization for 2020

  1. Allison Gougeon says:

    I see that you have a Juki sewing machine. I’m thinking of purchasing one. Which do you have and how do you like it? I’m just looking for large throat space and a machine I can quilt with. Thanks!

  2. Jayne says:

    I love seeing your rainbow collection of thread and fabric! I’ve always found pleasure in reorganizing my sewing space. It not only becomes organized, but I also find lots of treasures as well as many things I can safely let go of! Since I don’t have many collections of prints, I do tend to keep them together. That’s just because I don’t use prints often and have yet to figure out how to mix them up in projects!

  3. Your space is so organized. I just did a little of my closet and really like it. Now to tackle the other part of it. Thanks for mentioning my new link up; I am looking forward to the party!

  4. Debbie says:

    I keep my fabric well-organized by color or type (linens are in their own cubby, as are text fabrics). USUALLY I mix anything new in by color, but a few special collections – like my Carolyn Friedlander fabrics – stay together, tho my lines are mixed by now. I also have my C+S in their own bin, as I often like to use them together. Thread is just in those plastic Aurifil boxes.

    Thanks for the link to the CIA desktop – I’m a member but missed it when it was posted. Also checking out a few of your other links – thanks!

  5. Oh so much great content here! Hmmm… If I have a full collection, I do keep it separate. About two years ago I won a collection of Alison Glass fat quarters and I can’t decide what to do with it but it needs to be tougher. I also keep solids separate from prints but not in such a neat array! Last night I was pulling fabrics for the Australian tree blocks and was thinking I need to do some organizing as it has been way too long since the last time that happened!
    As for back ups, my laptop and actually all my devices back up to the cloud but I do back up my laptop to an external drive now and then just to be sure. So the last time that happened was ten days ago.
    Calendars – I always have great intentions but then not good follow through. Something I would love to improve on.
    Goals – I am going to follow you and print mine. That should be a big help as I don’t remember to check in on those. So far, 13 days into the year, I am sticking to them and trying not to flit from project to project. That is a hard one for me. Just to stay on task and finish one thing at a time!
    Thanks for all the great ideas! Off to check out Sarah’s new link up. I have seen this floating around a bit and it sounds fun.

  6. springleafstudios says:

    Nice to hear about your minimal approach to things. I would love to see those jet engines in your living room. Show us a photo please. The older I get, the more I lean toward simplicity but right now my home and studio are far from minimal. I don’t think I’ll ever be a minimalist but I do desire less stuff which means using my stash this year more than ever before.

  7. tsgabel says:

    I admire your ability to minimalize (did I spell that right?) your life and sewing room. You’re a master, as evidenced by how you and your husband designed the Wabi-Sabi. Wish I could do it but every time I clean up, simplify and empty out someplace in the house, my sweet hubby fills it right up again! He’s like nature, he abhors a vacuum. Well, it’s not really that bad, but he IS something of a pack rat – so I pick my battles. And after 46 years together I should be used to it! I CAN however, manage my sewing and quilting space. I’m not the minimalist type, yet I like simplicity and organization. Since a massive re-do last year my sewing room is pretty well-organized and there’s a place for everything. So when It periodically gets messy, I just gather things up and put them back where they belong.

    Jet engines in the living room?!?? I’m with Springleafstudios, I gotta see that! Will you post a picture?

  8. Anja @ Anja Quilts says:

    Wonderful rainbow goodness. That CF bundle looks great. I’m making slow progress on getting organized.

  9. patty says:

    Your solids look so pretty sitting there! If folks are looking for a goal setting link-up, they could come check out One Monthly Goal on my site Elm Street Quilts. I am going to look into the 2 you shared – they sound like fun!

  10. What a beautiful space, Yvonne! I’m the same as you; I like to keep my threads and fabrics in color order, but will keep a collection separate if I think I’ll use it all together in one project. I tend towards minimalism too and love good organization. At the beginning of each year, I asses all my WIPS and decide if anything is lingering too long and needs to pass on to someone who will finish it. I also go through the closet in my studio. Even with trying to maintain good organization during the year, I find that it still gets messier than I like. I am hoping to get going on that this week, since we’re already at mid-month!

  11. Kaja says:

    My organisation habit is just to look at other people’s pictures and think ‘I wish my stash/threads/sewing space looked as neat as that’! My fabric is sorted by colour, but that’s as far as it goes, though if I ever have a bit more space I have plans…

  12. Kate says:

    An organized space is so much easier to work in and your space looks like a light, bright and productive place to create. I back up my computer files about every other month. Having lost two computers unexpectedly, the importance of back ups is one I know well. Enjoy your organized space. Looking forward to seeing what you create this year.

  13. My space isn’t nearly as organized as yours! My sewing machine and I squat in the dining room, so fabric and notions and such live in the guest room or in a front hallway closet. And it’s a problem … When you don’t know where something is when you need it, you buy it a second time! I’m striving for a smaller stash in particular and less sewing stuff in general, but my approach is to use what I have … Progress is slooow. ; )

  14. Great organization! The rainbow colored solids and new CF fabric is very inspiring. I look forward to seeing what you make with them!

  15. Diane says:

    I really love a well organized space. Really helps morale and productivity, at least in my humble opinion.

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)