2020 Goal Setting

Before setting goals for a new year, I always start by reviewing my goals for the previous year.

2019 Short Term Goals

These were my short term goals that I had for January through the end of April 2019.

  1. Complete obligations
    1. Fox Wholecloth Quilt (by the end of this year, if possible) – Done
    2. Complete 3rd bed quilt for Wabi-Sabi Overland (Bubbly) – Done
    3. Complete final magazine project (prior to leaving on long trip) – Done
    4. Be on the crew at QuiltCon – Done
    5. Teach at QuiltCon – Done
    6. Teach in March in Los Osos, CA – Done
    7. Teach in April in Hot Springs, AR – Done
  2. Continue to blog 2-4 times a week, as content arises – Yes, I was able to do this through early/mid April
  3. Continue to focus on pattern writing, technical editing, and teaching – I think this went well
  4. Prepare for living in Wabi-Sabi OverlandI don’t know if anyone ever really feels “prepared” for a big transition, but we did it!
    1. Make bags for safe storage of identified items – Done
    2. Make dinette seat cushions – Done
    3. Purchase mobile wifi hotspot and begin testing out remote access functionality – Done

2019 Longer Term Goals

These goals were purposefully for once my husband and I begin traveling in Wabi-Sabi Overland, which started at the end of April 2019.

  1. Finish any remaining projects; these are not obligations like the list above, so they will likely fall to the backburner
    1. Make baby size version of Wonder quilt – I was able to piece the quilt top while traveling and I just finished the quilt!
    2. Finish Aurifil BOM blocks and quilt – BOM blocks complete, still need to piece and finish quilt.
    3. Finish Modern Plus Sampler QAL quilt – Quilt top complete, still need to finish quilt.
    4. Finish Splendid Sampler 2 blocks and quilt – Blocks complete, still need to piece and finish quilt.
    5. Finish Aurifil/OLFA project – Done
    6. Have fun and make new projects! – I had a lot of fun this year, so I call this goal a success!
  2. Continue to blog as content and wifi are available – I was able to blog at least once a week, which I think is rather amazing given how remote and offline we were for much of the summer!
  3. Continue to focus on pattern writing and technical editing – I had a very productive year as a pattern writer and technical editor, so this was also very successful. In addition to the patterns listed below, I also released Octangle, Sprig, Tiled Parque, Layered Diamonds, Pulsing Plus, and the Push-Pull Quilt Along.
    1. Release 2019 Patreon Pattern (Bubbly) – Released to Patrons
    2. Full reveal of 2019 Patreon Pattern – Done (see above)
    3. Release Wonder – Released
    4. Release Flight Path – Released
    5. Release Precession – Released
    6. Release Mirage – Released
  4. Learn what it means to be online much less often (!!) – This was definitely accomplished and interesting!

2019 Big Picture Goals

  1. Remember my overarching life goal of seeking mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. – This was a very unique year that offered the unique opportunity for my husband and I to enjoy some down time. There were also times punctuated with a lot of business and activity, and I think the fact that we both try to keep this in mind helps.
  2. Continue to embrace the “seek rejection” philosophy. – As I am trying to grow my technical editing business, I have definitely been doing this. :)
    1. I hope to stop in at quilt shops along our Wabi-Sabi Overland journey and, who knows, maybe I can find the opportunity to teach along the way?? – It turns out that trying to schedule where to be and when during our trip was pretty stressful, so I let this goal go almost immediately.
  3. Be gentle with myself. – Yes, I think more than any other year I have actually been better at this.
    1. There are lots of changes in store this year, and not everything is going to go smoothly. I hope I remember that it is all going to be OK. – I did have a few pretty challenging days, but all in all I was able to laugh when things went wrong (remind me to tell you about the time the truck wouldn’t drive in the middle of nowhere 200 miles north of the arctic circle if you see me in person sometime!).

2019 Quilting Jetgirl Income Review

Qulting Jetgirl Year End Review

Qulting Jetgirl Year End Review

All in all, I am happy with how 2019 evolved for me on a professional front. My pattern releases were well received and I was able to continue to tech edit while traveling, which meant I was able to pay for our food while we traveled this summer. Overall, my expenses for the year crept up a little bit over last year (primarily due to the mobile wifi hotspot and sending Push-Pull out to be quilted), which was not unexpected.

Beyond my quilting, 2019 was a very full year in my personal home life. Settling back in to being “home” after our big summer trip, my husband and I had some pretty large choices to make. Because having a year sabbatical was a unique opportunity for my husband, we opted to sell the truck. Although not planned, a new opportunity just opened up for my husband and he is transitioning to a new job next week. We had to find a foster home for our 17-year-old cat while we traveled and welcome him back home when we returned. We are both looking forward to a quiet and relaxing Christmas break and finding new footing in 2020.


2020 Goals

  1. Host and have fun with the Push-Pull Quilt Along.
    1. Make a queen size version of Push-Pull to replace the deteriorating bed quilt I made as a wedding gift to my husband 16 years ago.
  2. Be on the crew at QuiltCon.
  3. Teach at QuiltCon.
  4. Continue to blog 1-2 times a week as content arises.
  5. Being online less in 2019 showed me that I was over extended in the time I spent on social media. As a result, continue to engage on social media 1-2 days a week maximum.
  6. Release 6+ new Quilting Jetgirl patterns and continue designing.
    1. Bubbly
    2. Push-Pull (full pattern at the end of the quilt along for those who were not interested in participating in the QAL)
    3. Arctic Summer
    4. Tire Tracks
    5. Scoop
    6. Pulsar
  7. Grow technical editing by continuing to explore new opportunities, especially as some businesses shrink or close.
  8. Traveling meant that I was not able to coordinate some teaching opportunities. Now that I am home and settled again, I am looking forward to exploring opportunities with guilds that are interested.
  9. Work on finishing long term WIPs.
    1. Finish Aurifil BOM quilt
    2. Finish Modern Plus Sampler QAL quilt
    3. Finish Splendid Sampler 2 quilt
  10. Have fun with other new projects!
    1. Specifically, participation in the Modern Design Lab has been a great source of inspiration and new projects for me.

2020 Big Picture Goals

  1. Remember my overarching life goal of seeking mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.
  2. Continue to embrace the “seek rejection” philosophy.
  3. Be gentle with myself.

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16 thoughts on “2020 Goal Setting

  1. Debbie says:

    Wow. What a year to look back on, and it sounds like you are really thoughtful about what lies ahead, as always. Wish you the best!

  2. Jayne says:

    You are a girl with her head on straight! I love reading about your goals and it seems for the most part you achieved them all. I’m shocked that the Wabi-Sabi! It was a once in a lifetime adventure and I enjoyed watching it. Hopefully I can throw some pattern tech work your way…

  3. patty says:

    I really enjoyed every post you shared from your journey this summer. Your photographs shared were amazing. Happy new year!

  4. Kate says:

    You had a very growth filled 2019, which has to feel good as you look back. Best wishes to Your Guy as he embarks on his new position. Good luck with your 2020 goals.

  5. Rachel says:

    It was lovely to follow your journey with your posts this summer. Congratulations on everything you enjoyed and accomplished in 2019, and best wishes for a wonderful 2020!

  6. Lisa J. says:

    Yvonne you are really good at setting goals and meeting them. I really admire you for that. I have recently had some computer difficulties which I am hoping are sorted now thanks to my friend Scott. This gave me a bit of a break from the internet and it got me to thinking about how much time I spend here….and perhaps why I spend that time so I am likely to share in your goal of spending less time on the internet. I hope your husbands new job goes well.

  7. Danice G says:

    Awesome goals Yvonne. You are always to organized and accomplish so much. Thank you for hosting this party again this year.

  8. You had a great year and here’s hoping for a great follow up! I too think the social media takes more time than it should, but your income stream made a nice jump this year, and considering the sabbatical, I think that that is amazing!

  9. You SEW rocked 2019!! Best of luck with your goals for 2020. Thanks for inviting us to come along on your journey!

  10. thedarlingdogwood says:

    I always enjoy reading about your reflections on your year, Yvonne. You put so much thought into everything. Thank you for sharing your goals for 2020.

  11. Stepping back a bit from social media is such a good idea, and that forced separation in the wabi-sabi shone a light on this area of your life, for sure. There was much learning from that 5 months, months both my husband and I enjoyed following you. You know, knowing you didn’t have access to internet to respond or even read stuff freed me from my ever-present guilt-finding persona, to just read and enjoy and send good vibes your way, and move on. Great goals and thoughts, many of which align with my own. Here’s to 2020 and thank you for hosting this valuable party!

  12. Great post Yvonne. I agree with some of the others – your ability to set goals and meet them is inspiring! Well done and all the best to you and Michael this coming year.

  13. Awesome goals for 2020 and accomplishments for 2019! I really like how you have both very specific goals and more overall goals.

  14. Melanie says:

    You for sure had a very special 2019. That trip was inspiring! Good luck with your goals and all the best for 2020! xo Melanie

  15. Anja @ Anja Quilts says:

    I think you nailed your 2019 goals. Good luck with your new ones for 2020. See you at QuiltCon next month. ☺

  16. Sarah Goer says:

    So much great stuff, both in last year and on the horizon for 2020. I really appreciate how specific your goal list is. Best wishes in the coming year! I hope to someday hear the story about the truck. ;-)

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)