Aurifil Thread for Stone Sheep Mini Quilt

Stone Sheep Mini Quilt: Fabric and Thread Selection

There have been many wonderful aspects to my summer travels, but the opportunity to get to see wildlife in their natural habitat has been special and at times magical. I made the conscious decision to not spend a lot of time taking photographs of this trip. For one thing, my husband is a fabulous photographer and he often gets photos that I cannot. But my main reasoning was so that I could focus on being in the moment instead of thinking about composing a photograph. To that end, I now want to take some of my favorite moments from our travels that my husband captured and document them in my own way: in quilts.

Male Stone Sheep, photo by Michael Fuchs

Male Stone Sheep, photo by Michael Fuchs

In Northern British Columbia, we were treated to getting to see male and female Stone sheep. Their coloration blends them in rather perfectly with the background, as you might be able to gather from my husband’s photograph above. They have keen eyesight and had not really lost much of their winter fur when we saw them in mid-May.

Aurifil Thread for Stone Sheep Mini Quilt

Aurifil Thread for Stone Sheep Mini Quilt

I know that not everyone would travel with as much thread as I chose to bring with me for the trip, but I am very glad for the selection I have with me. I pulled all the grays, tans, and black and white thread that I have with me and was pleasantly surprised by the variety that I will have to work with.

Aurifil Thread for Stone Sheep Mini Quilt

Aurifil Thread for Stone Sheep Mini Quilt

Most of the thread that I will work with is 50wt, but I also have a 40wt and 28wt mixed into the grouping. I don’t know if I will use them all, but the threads I will pull from are: 50wt 2692 (Black), 50wt 4241 (Very Dark Grey), 50wt 2630 (Dark Pewter), 28wt 2605 (Grey), 50wt 2620 (Stainless Steel), 50wt 2600 (Dove), 40wt 2340 (Cafe’ au Lait), 50wt 2370 (Sandstone), 50wt 2326 (Sand), 50wt 2000 (Light Sand), and 50wt 2024 (White).

Aurifil Thread for Stone Sheep Mini Quilt

Aurifil Thread for Stone Sheep Mini Quilt

In the past I have made a few thread-painted mini quilts and given them away (Tree of Life, Sea Turtle Mini Quilt). When I made the Fox Wholecloth Quilt for our travels, I was reminded how much I enjoy these different quilting projects, and I am excited to tackle this new project to have a special memento to keep. I will use Kona Cotton White as the quilt top and backing and bind the mini quilt in Kona Cotton Black.

I plan to approach the quilt a lot like the Sea Turtle Mini Quilt and Fox Wholecloth Quilt, but I promise to be back with more details on how I layout the Stone Sheep on the quilt and go through my process. On one hand I am always a bit intimidated when I begin a project like this, but on the other, I’m really excited to dig in and see what I can create. I definitely have a plan for how to approach quilting the Stone Sheep himself (starting with the darker lower layers like his nose, mouth, eyes, etc. and layering on top), but right now I’m not sure what I will opt to do for quilting in the background. One thing is for certain: it’s time for me to dig out the small color printer I brought with me so I can get started!

6 thoughts on “Stone Sheep Mini Quilt: Fabric and Thread Selection

  1. vivian383 says:

    You have a great subject in the sheep to inspire you ! I can’t wait to see the work in progress of the Stone Sheep Mini Quilt-or will we have to wait until the finished project?

  2. Jayne says:

    Your husband is a masterful photographer! I loved your other thread painted quilts, so I know this one will be just as if not better than the rest! Keep sharing!

  3. Cathy Hepburn says:

    I can see why you are going to be counting on your husband’s photography skills! I’m anxious to see how this one turns out. My mind understands the concept, but won’t relay the information to my hands and eyes. Maybe someday I’ll get that part figured out.

  4. Rochelle Summers says:

    This sounds like a wonderful project. I can’t wait to read about how you approach each step and how it may be different sewing in the Wabi Sabi than at home.. I will be re-reading your posts on the other two projects to refresh my memory on how you approached those. The photograph you chose is great.

  5. You sure did bring the right threads along! It will be fun to watch this come to life in your quilt.

  6. Suzanne says:

    I use a lot of Sandstone, Light Sand an Dove myself; they work with almost anything. Mixed together, all of those naturals are nearly as beautiful as the ram in the photo.
    Can’t wait to see what you do!! I’m sure it will be beautiful.
    As always, travel safely.

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