River Antoine Mini Quilt

River Antoine Mini Quilt Top {Design Group}

The design group that I participate in was given a set of 3 inspiration images to work with last month. They were all taken at the River Antoine Rum Distillery on Grenada.

River Antoine Inspiration Images

River Antoine Inspiration Images – photo credit Page Alexander from Quilted Blooms

I was drawn to the wheel and the isosceles triangle shapes in the wheel in the top image along with the bright colors in the third image.

Design Evolution

Design Evolution

I quickly sketched out an initial design idea, but I thought that adding in a bit of green (beyond just as a binding) would add more interest and possibly unify the quilt top a bit more. In the end, I liked the middle option the best knowing that the entire quilt top would be bound in green to finish things off.

River Antoine Mini Quilt

River Antoine Mini Quilt Top

I was able to piece the mini quilt top, which measures about 25 inches across at the widest point, in an afternoon while we were camping near a glacial lake near Portage Glacier in Alaska. We were beside a beautiful green forest, and I thought that the quilt top would glow against the green backdrop.

River Antoine Mini Quilt

River Antoine Mini Quilt Top

Here is the view across from the green forest of the glacial pond and mountains. A day earlier we had watched a moose walk along the shallows on the other side of the pond, and there was a nesting bald eagle pair that would fish from the pond.

River Antoine Mini Quilt

River Antoine Mini Quilt Top

I was trying to piece improvisationally without worrying about fabric position, but after I ended up with the dark red triangles forming a line at the top of the quilt, I decided to lay out the pieces for the bottom half of the mini quilt. 🙂

14 thoughts on “River Antoine Mini Quilt Top {Design Group}

  1. dmearls2015 says:

    It is wonderful that you are traveling and yet still active in quilting. I enjoy your photos of the places you have gone and look forward to reading and seeing your new adventures.

  2. klandreneau says:

    I love your color choices and your pattern. It really pops in the pictures. ❤️
    Glad you’re having a good trip and sharing your adventures with us.
    Looking forward to seeing and reading more adventures. Take care!

  3. Jayne says:

    Fabulous photo inspirations and as always you focus on an element and execute it flawlessly! It certain adds a beautiful pop of color against the water and mountains!

  4. Yvonne, this is fabulous! Excellent interpretation and great fabrics!

  5. Noreen says:

    Loving the colors and design!

  6. Shannon says:

    Love your interpretation and that setting is just perfect and beautiful. Super inspiring 🙂

  7. Janet Sabol says:

    Love your inspired mini quilt & background!

  8. As I looked at the pictures, I was nearly sure the wheel would be your inspiration. Alaska is beautiful – you travels and ability to quilt while doing all this is impressive. Love the new piece!

  9. aquilterstable says:

    The wheel was a terrific prompt. I may not have thought about adding the green but I like it!

  10. Lorna S Jones says:


  11. Lisa J. says:

    Your mini does glow against the forest floor. The middle option is definitely a winner.

  12. Kaja says:

    I love that picture of your quilt against all the grey – it’s really striking and shows off your lovely, glowing colours. I also like that touch of green a lot, it just lifts everything somehow.

  13. Kaja says:

    I love the photo of your quilt against the grey; it really emphasises the lovely glowing colours. I also like that little touch of green a lot.

    1. Kaja says:

      Don’t know what I did there. I posted a comment, came back and it wasn’t there, so I tried again. Now both attempts are there! Go figure.

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