Binding in the mountains outside of Bridgeport, CA

The Realities of Internet Connectivity While Traveling

I knew that my ability to interact online while traveling this summer was going to be curtailed, and I was honestly naïve in my optimism about how much I would still be able to be connected. Which isn’t to say that I am not online, but I am really data limited in the times when I can get a signal because there is so much to catch up on after days (near weeks) of being offline.

TEP Wireless

TEP Wireless

For my connectivity needs, my Patreon supporters are helping me fund the monthly bill to use a pretty awesome device from TEP Wireless. As long as there is a cell phone tower or signal nearby – of any carrier or network – the TEP Wireless creates a mobile wifi hotspot where I can use 1 Gb of data in a 24-hour period. For the times when the TEP doesn’t work, I have been able to find wifi in libraries along the way, too.

As a technical editor, I am still downloading and uploading files for clients and that has my first priority, from a work perspective, when I get online (my first priority is really to communicate with family to let them know that we are safe). After that, I am trying to occasionally:

  1. Reply to emails.
  2. Pay bills online.
  3. Fine tune travel plans by checking for road conditions, etc.
  4. Checking weather conditions.
  5. Upload content to my Quilting Jetgirl website in the form of blog posts that I am pre-writing and editing offline.
  6. Upload occasional content to Quilting Jetgirl Instagram / Facebook.
  7. Stay in touch with my Quilting Jetgirl Patreons.
  8. Upload content to the Wabi-Sabi Overland blog and Instagram.
  9. Communicate with friends.

I am finding that 1 Gb of data in a 24-hour period is allowing me to meet only a few of the items in the list above after the first priorites are met. And as I am sure you noted, reading other blogs isn’t even on the list. There will be times when I can get free wifi and have a big catch up day, but the honest truth is that those times are going to be few and far between until the end of this particular trip in the fall.

Binding in the mountains outside of Bridgeport, CA

Binding in the mountains outside of Bridgeport, CA

The plus side is that I am finding plenty of time to sew, relax, and just think. And the trip has only just begun. I haven’t let myself take time to read books in years, and now my husband and I are enjoying listening to audio books together every evening.

Green Forest Near Mount Hood

Green Forest Near Mount Hood

I hope that you can find some time for yourself this summer, too. Do you have something that you are really looking forward to this year?

Enjoying the cool morning air at Red Rocks State Park, California

Enjoying the cool morning air at Red Rocks State Park, California

13 thoughts on “The Realities of Internet Connectivity While Traveling

  1. Enjoy your summer and it is good to be ‘unplugged’ for a while. Don’t waste data responding to this comment, just enjoy the fresh air!

  2. I’m so glad you’re able to have time away. I hope you’re able to enjoy it without stressing about the online world. I don’t think I’ve seen the outside of your vehicle before. That’s intense! It looks like it could get you into some pretty special places.

  3. Jayne says:

    While it may be a bit stressful with little internet, I would imagine not having it is also good for the soul! Have fun and I’m enjoying your adventure!

  4. Internet issues aside, it all sounds awesome. Soak it in!

  5. That awning is great, and time to enjoy all the scenery, catch up on reading and resting, and have wifi whenever you can, this has been a long time in the planning, making, and all else between.So good to see you both and you relaxing in a chair, I know that wonderful feeling so well.

  6. Julie Vogel says:

    Have a great trip! My hubby and I are planning a three week trip to Michigan this September. It will be great to be out in the big world!

  7. Have a wonderful holiday. As long as you are happy and well your loyal blog followers are happy for you.

  8. Suzanne says:

    As one of your other admirers said, please don’t waste data responding. I’m sure we all love it when you do but right now you should be relaxing and enjoying yourself. The picture of the two of you in the Green Forest is so beautiful!!!! I love forests like that, they’re so serene and peaceful looking. I’ll bet the air is fresh and fragrant. I wish you could “can” some it and bring it back to share.

  9. I understand your problems – I live just far enough out in the country that our connectivity is dependent on a lot of factors – and when the internet goes out… nothing can be done. It’s okay tho – we know you are there… and will live vicariously through the posts you can make 😉 enjoy yourself and enjoy the places you visit!! So refreshing!!

  10. Kaja says:

    I too don’t need responses while you are on your travels. I’ll be happy just to keep up with you via your blog posts. It sounds like this trip is already providing plenty of time for relaxation and reflection.

  11. Penelope Hood says:

    Once again, your post resonates with me from my own Australian Outback 5 year adventure. Like solar power, the ‘economics and related housekeeping’ drivers of internet access require a brand new skill set development.

  12. helen says:

    Think back 20 or so years, and there would be no internet at all. You would be collecting envelopes of work from drop postal places en route! Apart from the priorities, your work, and family etc, I would say enjoy the technology break! Enjoy the time together . There is a young woman walks past my house 4 times a day, doing a school drop off and a school pick up with a school child and a toddler in a buggy. I have yet to see her not on her phone, in any of these journeys. A real missed opportunity to chat to her toddler. Or maybe I am just old fashioned.

  13. Stephanie says:

    I came here looking for insight on Quiltcon entries and discovered you are on this amazing adventure, will be following wth interest!

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)