Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt
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Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt / Class Sample

I will have the pleasure of getting to visit with the Bear Valley Quilt Guild in Los Osos, CA, on Monday and Tuesday. Monday night I will be attending their meeting and giving my Transparency Fabric Selection lecture and trunk show and on Tuesday I will be teaching the Wayward Transparency workshop. As I will also be teaching Wayward Transparency in Hot Springs, AR, in a few weeks, I have shipped off my original Wayward Transparency to Arkansas and found myself wanting to make a sample to have with me.

Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt

Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt

Knowing that I was making a class sample, I wanted to use prints and solids and different colors to give a general sense of possibilities with this mini quilt. I also really fell in love with the circular layout that many quilters from the quilt along used and was excited to put together one in this layout myself.

Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt

Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt

The mini quilt finishes at 24″ square, so I opted for some simple straight line quilting to finish the mini quilt using 40wt Aurifil Forty3 thread in white. Once the straight crosshatch quilting was complete, I felt it still needed a little bit more, so I added in some angular quilting that follows the lines of the overlapping areas in the design. I like how the backing shows off the quilting nicely.

Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt

Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt

In this sample, I would say that my light pink selection is a bit too light in value as it does not stand out from the white background very much and it isn’t entirely convincing to me that the light overlap would be as dark a pink as I used, either. Which just goes to show that this is 1) a good class sample (lots to discuss, look at, and talk about) and 2) you can’t mess up worse than I have in transparency design.

This was a fun mini quilt to work on, and it felt good to get some sewing time in with all the other general life chaos going on around me recently (illness, travel, etc. etc. etc.).

17 thoughts on “Wayward Transparency Mini Quilt / Class Sample

  1. vmccagg says:

    This is one of my favorite wayward transparency examples yet! Great job!

    1. Liz says:

      I like the pink one it makes the dark pink pop! I didn’t think you could mess up a transparency… I guess I was wrong? I might not be able to take one of your classes when you get up here to VT, but please keep my email and maybe I can drive up and we can have coffee after one of your classes. Liz

  2. Because I make so many mini quilts, and because Wayward is one of my favorite quilts I’ve made, I really like this little mini! Will you be offering it as a pattern?

  3. I like your mini, especially the reds. Have fun teaching your classes.

  4. Izzy says:

    Oh I really like this! Creating a smaller sample is such a good idea. Have fun with the classes!

  5. Liz says:

    I still think it looks great! I wish I can take a Transparency class with you some day.

  6. jayne says:

    I love your mini sample! It’s a great way to show different values, fabrics and even things to avoid! I think it’ll be a great sample/test quilt to show at all your classes!

  7. That’s a great version and wonderful that you have an unexpected teachable moment. I always feel that makes for a richer experience for the students – the experts make mistakes too.

  8. Great idea on a multi-colour one, and this post did something to my heart to hear you be so honest. We are just mere humans! Teachable moments are precious!

  9. coollizzie says:

    Omg, Yvonne – I love this so much!! Now I need to try a mini with this sort of look – circle and multiple colorways. Thank you so much for sharing and talking about the values. I always profit from your explanations and examples!

  10. Joanne H says:

    I’m making small class samples today and had the same thing happen on one of mine. I’ve decided that it’s perfect for a class discussion. This is the layout I chose for my wall hanging and it continues to be one of my favorites. Of course I also like the one I chose for our bed quilt and the one that I made for the guest bed summer quilt. Can you tell that I really like this pattern? :-)

  11. Robin says:

    As always,perfect points. I really like the quilt but I agree with you regarding the light pink. That color would look good on a deep color ex. black, deep purple, navy blue, etc.

  12. Kaja says:

    It would be so interesting to hear you talk. I actually think your feelings regarding the pinks make this a better sample. Also I too really like this circular layout.

  13. Kathy R. says:

    Love the Mini! When I opened the post and saw it, it was something to stare at, which I usually do for a while when you show a block or quilt. The quilting is just enough. Enjoy teaching our class, I’m sure the quilters taking it will enjoy it.

  14. Kate says:

    A practical and pretty teaching tool.

  15. Elizabeth E. says:

    Oooh–I love this sample! Those two guilds are lucky to have you, and will learn a lot. Fun to see your transparency in prints!

  16. The design is so cute as a mini! I really like how the one quilt shows so many color options.

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