Pinwheel Magic – Splendid Sampler II Block
Splendid Sampler II

Splendid Sampler II – Pinwheel Magic and Spinning Star

There’s just something about classic pinwheel and star blocks, aren’t there?

Pinwheel Magic – Splendid Sampler II Block

Pinwheel Magic – Splendid Sampler II Block

Marilyn Foreman (@quiltmoments) created a playful exploration of the pinwheel block that I couldn’t resist piecing.

Spinning Star – Splendid Sampler II Block

Spinning Star – Splendid Sampler II Block

And I love the rays coming out from the center of Shelley Robson’s Spinning Star block. Clearly I needed a Cat-ronaut at the center of the block directing all the fun!

Be sure to visit The Splendid Sampler website to see the other 2 blocks revealed today. And if you are sewing along, don’t forget to link up (on The Splendid Sampler site) your pieced version of any of the 4 blocks from today’s reveal to be entered to win a prize.

13 thoughts on “Splendid Sampler II – Pinwheel Magic and Spinning Star

  1. Paula S. Harrington says:

    Yvonne, they look awesome. I so appreciate the fact that you take the time to press your pieces before showing them.

  2. Patty says:

    Love this one! A fun pinwheel.

  3. What a cool design! I particularly like the fussy cut cat astronaut – super cute!

  4. Hello Yvonne, I especially like the Pinwheel Magic block. The designer did a wonderful job at creating a new layout for her pinwheel block! The fabrics you chose to make this block with work really well to detail each section. Great center selection for the Spinning Star! Which makes me think of your star, how is he doing? Plus, just as importantly, how are you doing?

  5. Elizabeth E. says:

    I think the pinwheel block is my favorite of these two–you are really collecting quite a few!

  6. Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses says:

    More cute small piecing. Can’t wait to see your blocks all together.

  7. Pinwheel magic what a fun looking block. Great blocks!

  8. an another beautiful block! I must find this book…

  9. helen says:

    your sampler quilt is going to be really stunning when you join up all your bits. I am not really terribly keen on big sampler quilts, but these teeny blocks are going to be stupendous.

  10. Love these! They work so well with your space fabric. :-) The cat-ronaut cracks me up.

  11. Kaja says:

    Did you envisage when you started that these blocks would make offer so many opportunities for your cat-ronaut to shine or is it a happy accident? Either way, these blocks are both stunners.

  12. Anja @ Anja Quilts says:

    Great looking blocks. The Cat-ronauts are so cute.

  13. Your blocks all look fantastic. I think that fun pinwheel might be my favourite :)

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