Sew Tiny Sampler - Valentine's Card for My Husband
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Valentine’s Card {Sew Tiny Sampler}

My friend Kitty Wilkin from Night Quilter just wrapped up and showed an incredible 100 day project at QuiltCon. She created a magnificent tiny piecing sampler in her glorious rainbow style (here is the pieced top) using blocks that finish at 1 1/4-inches.

Today, Kitty is releasing her Sew Tiny Sampler pattern which includes designs inspired by her 100 day project. And all this means that I get to share with you a fun and special project I made in the middle of last month using one of the tiny patterns.

Sew Tiny Sampler - Valentine's Card for My Husband

Sew Tiny Sampler – Valentine’s Card for My Husband

When Kitty told me about her upcoming release, I knew instantly that it would be perfect for making a handmade Valentine’s card for my husband. The tiny 1 1/4-inch finished hearts came together quickly. Perhaps with a bit more practice I will be as skilled as Kitty at lining up detail pattern repeats.

Sew Tiny Sampler - Valentine's Card for My Husband

Sew Tiny Sampler – Valentine’s Card for My Husband

Although I didn’t really doubt my husband’s answer, it was nice that my husband agreed to be my valentine.

The Sew Tiny Sampler is a paper pieced sampler to help you achieve small piecing precision and is full of great patterns. You can find it for sale in Kitty’s Payhip store for an introductory price of $10 for the first week (full retail price will be $15).

15 thoughts on “Valentine’s Card {Sew Tiny Sampler}

  1. I loved Kitty’s 100 days project and love these blocks. I absolutely must have for that day when I need the extra challenge and have tiny scraps left! Love your valentine and that candy, is making my mouth water!

  2. Wow! what a nice valentine card from a friend!!! I just hopped over and purchased the pattern (already printing it out!!!) Thank you for sharing! (although now I want chocolate!!) Thanks again for chatting with me at Quiltcon – it was a wonderful show – you and all the organizers made it sew special! Looking forward to the one in Atlanta that will be closer to home!!!

  3. kittywilkin says:

    Aww what a sweet and adorable Valentine!! Thank you for sewing tiny and for sharing your project <3 I still adore the check boxes. I think I may have to start writing notes to family members with simple checkboxes, in fact. I write notes with my older two kids fairly often, since written notes are the best! Thanks again for sharing, and I hope you are feeling better and have a relaxing weekend planned! <3

  4. Cindy Pieters says:

    What a lovely valentine! Teeny tiny piecing looks great!

  5. jayne says:

    Kitty is amazing and it was heaven seeing her 100 day project in person! Adorable Valentine card idea too!

  6. Patty says:

    Very nice. Although I knew Kitty’s work was small, I couldn’t believe how small it was when I saw it in person!

  7. Lisa J. says:

    This is a great valentines gift Yvonne. It looks like a wonderful pattern

  8. Kate says:

    Very pretty blue hearts!

  9. Kaja says:

    Wow, that is teeny and very pretty too!

  10. Anja @ Anja Quilts says:

    Great little project. Didn’t realize the blocks were so tiny…wow.

  11. Your card is adorable! What a great way of using the tiny blocks.

  12. What a sweet card! I love Kitty’s pattern and really enjoyed watching her 100 days project unfold.

  13. helen says:

    lovely valentine card. I took the easy way out this year,and handed mine a nice photo of us both. Didn’t even make it into a card this year!

  14. Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses says:

    Somehow tiny things are so cute! Not that I’d piece anything that small. 😉

  15. Things could have ended very badly if he had said no! 🙂
    I love Kitty’s tiny piecing.

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