Coastline Sponge Cake - – Splendid Sampler II Block
Splendid Sampler II

Splendid Sampler II – Coastline Sponge Cake

I chose to piece Katarina Roccella‘s Coastline Sponge Cake block for the Splendid Sampler 2 sew along this week.

Coastline Sponge Cake - – Splendid Sampler II Block

Coastline Sponge Cake – – Splendid Sampler II Block

I really enjoyed how the block came together and how the directional triangle print worked out in the block was a fun detail for me as well.

Be sure to visit The Splendid Sampler website to see the other blocks revealed today. And if you are sewing along, don’t forget to link up (on The Splendid Sampler site) your pieced version of any of the 4 blocks from today’s reveal to be entered to win a prize.

10 thoughts on “Splendid Sampler II – Coastline Sponge Cake

  1. Hahaha – coastline sponge cake – what a brilliant and fun name!

  2. klandreneau says:

    Pretty block! ❤️

  3. Those triangles did work out very well in this pattern. I’m sure it took some planning, but it looks perfect.

  4. aquilterstable says:

    A unique and interesting block, especially with your fabric choices!

  5. Jayne says:

    Good job on the directional print! It would take me hours to figure that out! I’m loving the name of this block too!

  6. Cindy Pieters says:

    Nice block! Those triangles do look good.

  7. Oh yeah on the triangles fabric! What a cool block Katarina designed—love her fabrics.

    1. PS I know these aren’t her fabrics in your block 😉

  8. Kaja says:

    I especially like the way that triangle fabric works here – I think it’s because the little points are not printed in straight lines, even though your piecing is. Something about that really pleases my eye.

  9. sue7oaks says:

    This is a great looking block Yvonne! It also looks kind of tricky, is it foundation pieced? Lovely work on the accuracy!

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