Bubbly - Traveling in Wabi-Sabi Overland
2019 Finished Quilts, Quilt Pattern

Bubbly {2019 Patreon Pattern}

I am so thrilled to get to share the Quilting Jetgirl 2019 Patreon Pattern, Bubbly, with you today!

Bubbly - 2019 Patreon Pattern

Bubbly – 2019 Patreon Pattern

Toward the end of 2018 I asked my patrons to vote on two quilt patterns: I wanted to use one to submit for consideration for the 2020 Quilter’s Planner companion magazine and the other I would use as the 2019 Patreon Pattern. One of the quilt patterns featured a transparency design and the other was a design with curved piecing. The vote was perfectly divided, and a lot of my patrons mentioned that they were looking to expand their skill sets and give curved piecing a try. So instead of using either of the suggested patterns, I decided to create a pattern based on the Babsie mini quilt that would offer both transparency play and curved piecing.

Bubbly - 2019 Patreon Pattern

Bubbly – 2019 Patreon Pattern

My husband loved the design as well, and as I had wanted to make at least 3 bed quilts for us to use and enjoy in Wabi-Sabi Overland, I was thrilled to get to piece Bubbly in our selected Kona Cotton color palette: Ocean, Astral, Lake, and Sky (darkest to lightest). Bubbly fits in Wabi-Sabi Overland perfectly and with the bed now installed, it’s only a matter of time before we get to sleep under the new quilt!

Wabi-Sabi Overland - Dinette (Sewing Space) and Bubbly

Wabi-Sabi Overland – Dinette (Sewing Space) and Bubbly

In past years, I have kept my Patreon design pattern a secret for the full year but also sold the pattern as a “mystery quilt” pattern for the year. Because I will be using this quilt in Wabi-Sabi Overland, I knew that I would need to reveal the pattern this year. So the only way to receive the 2019 Patreon pattern is to become a Quilting Jetgirl patron and pledge at least $1 per month.

The Bubbly pattern is written for a baby and twin size quilt and the pattern contains detailed information to help you select your fabrics and confidently piece curves. I recommend using the quarter circle templates from Jen Carlton Bailly, but the pattern also contains paper templates for your use as well.

Wabi-Sabi Overland Interior View

Wabi-Sabi Overland Interior View

All of the support I receive through Patreon this year will go toward my mobile wifi expenses to stay connected while we travel.

I really love this quilt and design, and I look forward to seeing other versions of it pieced!

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20 thoughts on “Bubbly {2019 Patreon Pattern}

  1. Ruth says:

    I love this. Something so very appealing about bubbles and I am very drawn to the beautiful deep blue colour. Suits the space prefectly!

  2. Cindy Pieters says:

    I don’t think you could have designed a better pattern for your Wabi-Sabi!

  3. Bubbles are just plain FUN! I’m sure Bubbly will enjoyed in your traveling home!

  4. Shannon says:

    Well how fun is this design! Love how it looks in your Wabi-Sabi!!

  5. Love the look of Bubbly on your bed! It’s so fun. It makes me smile each time I look at it.

  6. Alison says:

    This is so fun and so cool to see it in its “natural habitat” in your Wabi-Sabi Overland!

  7. composchoreo says:

    This is a great pattern, and it looks perfect in your Wabi-Sabi Overland

  8. Liz says:

    So beautiful, so modern looking, I love it! It looks amazing in your wabi-sabi overland!

  9. sue7oaks says:

    Wow! It looks fantastic on your bed! This is a brilliant design!

  10. jayne says:

    That quilt looks spectacular on your bed! It really packs a punch in design and color…It really stands out! I must get me some Ocean blue!

  11. klandreneau says:

    So beautiful! Love the colors and the design! It looks great on your bed!
    Wabi-Sabine O is looking good!

  12. It is lovely and a great pattern. Hope the patreons flock to put this pattern in their wheelhouse. It looks terrific in Wabi Sabi!

  13. What a cool quilt!! and it looks so perfect right there!!!

  14. Tish says:

    I LOVE this! It is such a fun quilt and looks great inside Wabi Sabi! I really love the peak inside 🙂

  15. Julie Vogel says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quilt!! I am going to make one! My husband have a great big (28 foot) travel trailer after camping for years with our children in pop-ups. I admire your sleek and efficient Wabi-Sabi! I am not sure I could manage in such a tight space for several weeks, but you will do well!! Hopefully the weather will be great, and you will be outside much of the time! BTW: Where does your sewing machine fit? 🙂

  16. Patty says:

    Such a great quilt design!

  17. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Yvonne, Your new Bubbly quilt is magnificent!! How creative to combine the circles and your transparency designs together to create this bright quilt. Thank you for sharing another one of your brilliant unique designs and fabulous quilts with us! Have a great day!

  18. Anja @ Anja Quilts says:

    Amazing!! This is an awesome design.

  19. Liz says:

    This is gorgeous, I’m sorry I must have missed or forgotten how to join up to be able to purchase your pattern. You did say we need to go through Patreon to purchase the pattern? This would look perfect in one of the many campers we have in our family after seeing it in Wabi Sabi Overland!

  20. Elizabeth E. says:

    Bubbly looks great on your WSO bed, and really ties in that blue theme you’ve got going. I also enjoyed seeing the WSO in its almost-finished glory. Just one question: where are you going to store your sewing machine? I know every inch in that vehicle is planned and accounted for. Congratulations on another beautiful finish!

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