Craftsy Patterns Update

As I am sure you are aware, last Friday, December 28th, Craftsy made some major changes to their online marketplace. The Quilting Jetgirl Craftsy store was one of thousands closed down entirely, and many of the stores that were kept had their selection of patterns reduced drastically. All the patterns you purchased, even if they are no longer available for sale on Craftsy, are still accessible when you log into your account.

However, to download old patterns, they need to be “unarchived” first. Go to “Pattern Library” under the “My Stuff” heading by clicking your picture after you have logged in. Then in the lower left hand corner click on “Show All Patterns”.

I highly recommend downloading all your Craftsy patterns to your hard drive to be sure you have access to them when you want them in the future.

Quilting Jetgirl patterns are still available for purchase from my Quilting Jetgirl Shop and Etsy shop.

11 thoughts on “Craftsy Patterns Update

  1. happy New Year too!!!

  2. I just love the saying on your graphic at the end of this post! Haven’t totally investigated the Craftsy patterns shop yet but found purchasing slightly different yesterday when I bought one of Amanda Jean’s patterns as she is taking down her store and her PDF patterns will no longer be available. I always download patterns to my hard drive!

  3. Kate says:

    Hope your New Year has gotten off to a good start. Thank you for the tips on accessing Craftsy patterns. I should do that this week as part of the annual back up everything effort.

  4. Tamara Gassen says:

    Happy New Year! I love reading your blog. Thank you so much

  5. Claudia says:

    Happy New Year Yvonne!
    Thank you so much for giving us the heads up on the patterns we’ve purchased on Craftsy. I would have been in the dark if I went to get my patterns and wouldn’t know where they had gone.
    I hope your new year is exciting and fun!

  6. That is a big help! I have been meaning to get back to it and haven’t. Off I go….

  7. Elizabeth E. says:

    The Craftsy thing is such a mess–did they anticipate this? Here’s hoping there is some blowback somewhere. I’ve had my patterns on PayHip for a while, and may start to promote that place.

  8. quilter42 says:

    I am really saddened and unhappy about the way Craftsy treated so many designers. I think they are trying to push us toward Bluprint. I reject the push. I wish you the best going forward.

  9. aquilterstable says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  10. Pat Oster says:

    How can I obtain your dancing diamonds pattern?

  11. Appreciate the tip, Yvonne!

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