Vintage Quilt – Finished Quilting / Quilting Details
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Vintage Quilt {Client Quilting Complete}

As always, after sharing about Working with a Vintage Quilt Top last week, there are many great suggestions in the comments of the post, so be sure to go back and check them out or bookmark that post in case you find yourself in a similar situation in the future! My client was able to get all the tucks that we pin basted sewn down, and it loaded onto my longarm and quilted up beautifully as a result.

Vintage Quilt – Finished Quilting

Vintage Quilt – Finished Quilting

I used 50wt Aurifil 2460 (Dark Carmine Red), which blends beautifully with the red sashing in the vintage quilt top, to quilt a loose stipple / meander across the quilt. I think that it is amazing that from this perspective you can’t really tell that the tucks were added to the quilt!

Vintage Quilt – Finished Quilting / Quilting Details

Vintage Quilt – Finished Quilting / Quilting Details

I did not have any difficulty at all with additional tucks or folds in the quilt top as I quilted. I was thrilled with the way it came together, and so was my client!

Vintage Quilt – Finished Quilting / Backing

Vintage Quilt – Finished Quilting / Backing

My client purchased this lovely wide quilt backing to use. I think the print she selected is a nice nod to the vintage nature of the quilt top.

Vintage Quilt – Finished Quilting / Backing

Vintage Quilt – Finished Quilting / Backing

Even though the Aurifil 2460 is darker than the backing print, it does not detract heavily from the print even up close.

It felt good to get this finished this week. I also made my November goals list which always helps me feel more confident about decisions I make / what to work on next. What did you work on this week?

15 thoughts on “Vintage Quilt {Client Quilting Complete}

  1. Tina Cernugel says:

    I had a hodge podge type of week…..finished a bag for my daughters friend, started a cell phone/wallet but can’t finish until the swivel clips I had to order arrive, attended a block of the month class and made some star blocks while making new friends….a fun week but kind of choppy!

  2. Cindy Pieters says:

    The quilt looks great Yvonne! It looks like you hit the right way of dealing with the bulk.

  3. She turned out beautifully! And you’re right, I can’t tell where the tucks are. Well done!

  4. Patty says:

    It looks wonderful! Thanks for posting about how you tackled this quilt.

  5. It turned out beautiful. You’ve inspired me to get out that vintage quilt top given to me and see what I can do to it. It’s hand pieced and has some holes, so will need some repair. We had a speaker at Minnesota Quilters this month and she ripped an entire antique quilt apart and used it as fabric to make 9 miniature quilts–the brick-shaped squares were 3″ X 6″ so she had a lot of fabric to work with.

  6. jayne says:

    Thank you for sharing this one! I was skeptical about the tucks and folds, but it worked and you cannot even tell! Well done Yvonne!

  7. Until you posted your work on this, I had never heard about tucking. What a great idea for those tough fixes. This is a beautiful vintage quilt. You did a wonderful job on the quilting, Yvonne!

  8. Lorna Jones says:

    You made a swan out of a unruly duckling! Wonderful work!

  9. springleafstudios says:

    I think this turned out beautifully. I went back and read the earlier post and was amazed at what had to be done. Nice job all around in solving the problem. It’s just lovely and finished! WaHoo!

  10. Liz says:

    It looks really fabulous! It lies nice and flat and I’m super impressed with how you “fixed” it!

  11. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Yvonne, You did a beautiful quilting job on this quilt. I am glad that you did not have any problems with the tucking and you are also right, you can not tell at all. I thank you for sharing another fabulous post on solving problems. Have a fantastic day!

  12. Kaja says:

    Oh, good job, Yvonne. This is beautiful, and as you say the tucks are barely visible. I learnt a lot from the comments on your earlier post too.

  13. Well done both of you! And nice stipple. I cannot do that pattern for the life of me.

  14. helen says:

    quilt worked really well. As if it was always meant to be

  15. It turned out so nicely, Yvonne!

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