Combinatorics Baby Quilt - In Use

Combinatorics Baby Quilt Snuggles

I am glad that we held the baby shower where I gifted the Combinatorics: Paper Airplanes and Stars baby quilt for my friends in late September; baby boy arrived just over a week after the shower and a little over three weeks early.

Combinatorics Baby Quilt - In Use

Combinatorics Baby Quilt – In Use

Baby socks and shoes are some of my favorite items: they are so cute when they are this tiny! The Combinatorics baby quilt is currently a great surface for a bit of tummy time.

Combinatorics Baby Quilt - In Use

Combinatorics Baby Quilt – In Use

I look forward to watching him grow!

Seeing the Combinatorics quilt reminds me it’s time to get back and finish the pattern details so I can release it for you to make, too. Stay tuned!

17 thoughts on “Combinatorics Baby Quilt Snuggles

  1. Lisa J. says:

    He is really beautiful Yvonne, and on your quilt he looks like he’s floating in the sky.

  2. He’s adorable and loves your quilt! Those little socks are cute!

  3. Kathleen McCormick says:

    What’s not to love? your beautiful quilt and a beautiful baby boy. It is wonderful that he is getting tummy time on a quilt made with love.

  4. Cindy Pieters says:

    Quilts and babies go together and these lokk like a perfect match. Those little socks are just to cute.

  5. jayne says:

    Look at him!! His diaper makes him look to tiny! Congrats to the parents!

  6. What a sweet photo! The quilt is gorgeous but it sure is hard to look past those cute little feet.

  7. Alison says:

    What a sweetheart! 😀

  8. aquilterstable says:

    Looks like baby is doing well! Just precious on your quilt!

  9. Tish says:

    So adorable!!! He’s so tiny on the quilt. I’m glad you were able to share this picture with us 🙂

  10. springleafstudios says:

    Adorable! What a special gift to be designed and made especially for him and his parents. I love tiny socks and shoes too.

  11. Patty says:

    That little guy is why we make quilts!

  12. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Yvonne, This quilt is fabulous! Yet, that precious little one is so adorable, he rather steals the show. Thank you for sharing this with us, it certainly brought a smile to my day! Have a magnificent day yourself!

  13. Elizabeth E. says:

    Aw, so so very sweet! I love seeing that baby on your gifted quilt. Glad it is so well loved.

  14. thedarlingdogwood says:

    Babies on quilts are the BEST!!!! This one looks fantastic–baby and quilt! So cute!

  15. What a cute project! And I bet uber snuggly with all that gorgeous quilting!

  16. There’s not much better than babies on quilts! Baby socks are absolutely adorable, until you’re folding a load of baby laundry and it feels like there are a million socks in the basket, lol. Baby clothes are so small you can fit so many into the washer at one time that it feels like you’ll never get them all folded 🙂

  17. helen says:

    gorgeous baby on a gorgeous quilt, and unlike my grandson, this baby doesn’t seem to mind tummy time

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