Quilts for Mercy Hospital

Quilts for Mercy Hospital

This post serves a dual purpose: the most important being to let you know that Bernie from Needle and Foot is collecting lap size quilts to give to her local hospital, Mercy Hospital, to comfort dying patients. If you are inclined to donate quilts, as I was moved to do, please visit Bernie to have her explain all about the program and how she learned about them: Creating Mercy-ful Quilts.

Quilts for Mercy Hospital

Quilts for Mercy Hospital

I quickly pulled 2 lap size quilts to send to Bernie, but I was out of the large “board game” size USPS priority mail boxes. We had this lovely 16x16x16 box that seemed just right… so I filled it all the way up with a total of 6 quilts. I am positive that the quilts are going to where they are needed most, and it helped me downsize just a bit more.

The second purpose of this blog post is to test out my website’s scheduled blog posting ability. My website was attacked by spam bots on Thursday and taken down for almost half of the day (boo!), and in the course of trying to protect my site, my scheduled blog posts have not been publishing as planned; I have been having to manually publish them when I wake up in the morning. I would have liked to just publish this post ASAP, but hopefully this works as planned. Fingers crossed!

17 thoughts on “Quilts for Mercy Hospital

  1. Your quilts are most definitely off to offer lots of care and warmth. And hopefully your IT issues are all solved now!

  2. ANN D says:

    What a wonderful donation. Not sure when you hoped your blog would be sent out, it looks like I received it in my mail at 12:00 AM today.

  3. TinaC says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I made the contact and am waiting for information about where to send the lap quilts. A wonderful idea.

    1. Thank you Tina!!! This is really thoughtful of you and your quilt will bring comfort to a family in such a meaningful way.

  4. Yvonne, Technology can certainly make us crazy at times. Ugh! I hope your issues are corrected by now. Good luck with that.
    More importantly, thank you so much for the incredible gift of six quilts. I feel so lucky to receive such a gift from you. My friend Patty is just overwhelmed with gratitude reading about the response to her request. This week will be like Christmas for a little kid. I can’t wait to see your box arrive!! I am so grateful. 🙂

  5. Anja @ Anja Quilts says:

    It sounds like Bernie got a great response. Quilters are so generous. Hope your computer problems are in the past.

  6. So sorry your site got hacked, that is a constant worry for all of us. Quilters are indeed generous, and I hope they will come through for the victims of the Carolina Hurricanes too.

  7. Lea says:

    Yvonne, What a meaningful cause for your beautiful quilts. I’m sure they will bring comfort to the recipients.

  8. Tish says:

    That’s awesome that you were able to send six quilts! I will have to hop over to Bernie’s and check out her post.

  9. It does feel so good to have quilts go to where they will really be needed. I need to see where she is on this. I too have a few I can send.

    1. Thank you Kathleen – I am grateful for your generosity!

  10. I saw Bernie’s IG post, but haven’t got over to read her blog yet. That’s so very wonderful and kind of you to send SIX Yvonne. This makes me think of Kat and CIL, but I’ll check it out. 🙂

    1. Sandra, It is much like CIL — That whole project is such an inspiration and I have contributed blocks before. I am happy to be able to support a hospital local to me and one that my community relies upon.

  11. Kate says:

    Hope this post worked as you expected. Getting hacked is definitely not fun. Sounds like Bernie has found a few helpers here and there.

  12. I just gave away a quilt, unexpectedly, and it’s such a good feeling. Wow for doing that six times!

  13. Kaja says:

    Technology is great while it works! I hope you are all sorted out now and can go back to your usual patterns of posting.

  14. Yay for downsizing for a good cause! Did your post get published as you had scheduled it? Dealing with tech issues can be so frustrating.

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