Stash Acquisitions - Solids

Stash Acquisitions

Continuing the recap from my time in Greenville, South Carolina… To unwind together on Saturday evening after a full day of teaching (me) and sewing (Cheryl), we watched Christopher (The Tattooed Quilter)’s recent webinar for the MQG: Perfecting the Perfect Flat Lay (note that the webinar link only works if you are an MQG member and logged into the MQG website). On Monday morning, we put what we learned to the test. Cheryl had some objects to photograph and I had this beautiful array of solids:

Stash Acquisitions - Solids

Stash Acquisitions – Solids

Earlier this year, the local Coats and Clark store to Cheryl had their final closeout sale and she purchased many bolts of fabric. She generously allowed me to cut off a few yards from the fabric that spoke to me… and is it really any surprise that I was drawn to the solids she had on hand (this is a mixture of FreeSpirit Solids and Kaffe Shot Cotton)?

Stash Acquisitions - Solids

Stash Acquisitions – Solids

One thing I learned about the flat lay shots: it’s easier when you are working with smaller objects!

9 thoughts on “Stash Acquisitions

  1. If this is what you bought off of Cheryl, then her fabric haul must be amazing. o.0

  2. ioleenkimmel says:

    Love the colours you chose from Cheryl. What will you make?

  3. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Yvonne, How lucky you are to have such a wonderful friend to let you choose these lovely fabrics! I have been going through my fabrics and getting rid of fabrics that are way to thin, shred to much or I am finally able to admit I will not use them. LOL. They will be donated to someone I know that makes dog beds and other projects. So little by little, I will have to start replacing some of my fabrics. It is always fun to see what you choose. I know you and certain other quilters buy fabrics that are good fabrics. I hope, Yvonne, I am not writing anything in the wrong way. I never mean to. But, I will end by saying I look forward to seeing what you create with these lovely new solids! Have a great day tomorrow!

  4. Looks like you really cleaned up here! Congrats!

  5. Elizabeth E. says:

    So the email first came in through my mobile device, wo pictures, and I’m like “flat lay?” So then I read this on my desktop. Still wondering what a “flat lay” is. So I tried to log in to MQG, had to change the password, looked at the description, and it refers to photographing objects laying flat. Ah! I feel imformed today, and will put it on in the background while I sew, since I finished my latest Bruno mystery last night. I think it’s fun that you and Cheryl were able to hang out.

  6. Rita Long says:

    That is great that she was willing to share. I’ve never heard of a Coats and Clark store. Great colors.

  7. Lisa J.Lisa says:

    Lots of fun colours in your solids there.

  8. What a generous friend is Cheryl. 🙂 Lovely choices.

  9. I can’t wait to see what you make with all of the colors 🙂

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