Greenville MQG Group Photo

Triangle Transparency Workshop with Greenville MQG

It’s hard to believe that one week ago I was teaching my Triangle Transparency Workshop to the Greenville MQG. I shared tips, and tricks for creating transparency in quilts, how I think through quilting decisions, and the difference between a transparency quilt versus a monochromatic quilt in my lecture on Friday night. Because the Greenville MQG meets in a local quilt shop, the Bernina Sewing Center, I had the opportunity to talk in detail about fabric selection with workshop attendees on the fence or with questions about their selections for Saturday.

Greenville MQG Group Photo

Greenville MQG Group Photo

I just love getting to see all the variations and fabrics used in my patterns, and it is so much fun to see the fabrics come together while everyone is sewing during the day.

Discussing Fabric Selection with Nicole

Discussing Fabric Selection with Nicole

It’s especially fun to see the full arc from fabric selection…

Nicole's Block

Nicole’s Block

…to a pieced block, like you can see here with Nicole.

Alternate Layout

Alternate Layout

Another fun variation that came out of the workshop was this version by Travis. Using a different colorway of the same print for the background of his two-color version of the pattern, he found these striking flying geese that get created if the final border of the blocks are not added.

Across the Room View

Across the Room View

It’s delightful to look across the room and get a different perspective on work as it is being laid out and admired by quilters throughout the day.

Directional Prints

Directional Prints

I also always get excited when students choose to work with prints. I talk about how to work with directional prints and Sarah did an awesome job with her block!

One on One Triangle Transparency Workshop Time

One on One Triangle Transparency Workshop Time

I am already looking forward to my next opportunity to teach!

What are some of your favorite moments from a quilting workshop?

10 thoughts on “Triangle Transparency Workshop with Greenville MQG

  1. I love Nicole’s block!! The one’s with print in the background are very eye catching!

  2. Kate says:

    It’s always fun to see how different fabrics work in the same pattern. Looks like a great time was had by all.

  3. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Yvonne, I always feel so excited for you when you are sharing one of your teaching posts. It may be because of the glow of delight that just shines off of you in each photo and all of the smiles of every quilter that is in your class. Each picture honestly does say that your classes are one of those opportunities that you should not miss! Plus, I am one of your biggest fans. LOL. It is so interesting to see, as you have said, all of the varieties of each block with values and styles of fabrics chosen. The fabric selection that Sarah chose is lovely! I believe choosing fabrics with prints would be my choice also. Thank you, Yvonne, for sharing another one of your special classes with us. I always enjoy them. Have a spectacular day!

  4. aquilterstable says:

    Love seeing the variety of takes on your pattern. Glad you had a terrific time!

  5. This is exactly what draws me to pattern design. I can’t make all the versions I want to, so crowdsourcing the work is a way to achieve that aim!

  6. My favorite part of the workshop is learning new techniques – that is why I take them! Love the ways these turned out but the one with the black print on the right is catching my eye. It must be the black background season for me.

  7. sue7oaks says:

    This looks like loads of fun Yvonne! It’s so great to see all the different versions. It looks like the pattern goes together nice and quickly too – everyone has made great progress.

  8. Patty says:

    That workshop looks like a lot of fun! I’m glad you got to visit Greenville!

  9. Mary Ann Rosenberg says:

    You are a fantastic teacher!
    Workshop was great so excited to see the prints and solids coming alive in the block.
    What a great quilt,
    Thank you for your patience in helping tortious.

  10. Travis’ variation is fabulous! It would be so fun to get to take a class, or even teach one…maybe someday 🙂

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)