Sunset Mini Mini Quilt
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Sunset Mini Mini Quilt {Patreon Reward}

I mentioned in early August in my Plaid Mini Mini Quilt post that I had a few Patreon reward mini mini quilt rewards to make. Thankfully the second patron had a bit of extra patience and we were finally able to connect at the end of the month, when I discovered their favorite colors are purple and yellow.

Fabric Pull

Fabric Pull

When I evaluated the fabrics in my yellow and purple stash, I was immediately drawn to the idea of having the colors fade and blend from one to the other. I just needed to add in a bit of pink and magenta to bridge the gap.

Sunset Mini Mini Quilt

Sunset Mini Mini Quilt

I started with yellow and worked my way out in a wonky, improvisational style. I thought about and edited my fabric selections as the piecing grew. In fact, the piecing grew a bit larger than a typical mini mini quilt to a bit larger than 9″ square.

Sunset Mini Mini Quilt - Backing

Sunset Mini Mini Quilt – Backing

I loved how the piecing came together so much that I opted to cut the piece in half to create a double sided mini mini quilt. The only differentiation on the back is my woven label!

Sunset Mini Mini Quilt

Sunset Mini Mini Quilt

The colors are so vibrant and I love the way the mini mini quilt glows. The outer solid is Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Regal.

I used a variety of 50wt Aurifil for the quilting: 4648 (Desert Dawn) over the yellows, 2535 (Magenta) over the magenta, and 4225 (Eggplant) over the purple.

Sunset Mini Mini Quilt

Sunset Mini Mini Quilt

The Sunset Mini Mini quilt finishes at 3.75″ by 9.25″. I hope my patron thinks it is as beautiful as I do!

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25 thoughts on “Sunset Mini Mini Quilt {Patreon Reward}

  1. suzanprincess says:

    How could they not think it’s beautiful? It is SO beautiful I keep going back to admire it! And to drool over it, and to try to picture how it must look in its actual three dimensional glory. Thanks for sharing your outstanding work with us once again.

  2. Cheryl Simokat says:

    The colors simply sing and the size is fabulous….I’d want to hang it up like a wind chime of color!

  3. Christine Sullivan says:

    I received that beautiful work of art. It is even more vibrant in person. Yvonne, I love the mini mini, and I admire your work. I encourage everybody that check out the Patreon page. It is a very small investment. Thank you again.

  4. Katherine Simonton says:

    Stunning! Love that it is 2 sided.

  5. Cindy Pieters says:

    It is a beautiful work of art! I love the fabulous use of colour that pulls your eye from the brightest to the darker purples.

  6. Kate says:

    Beautiful! It does really glow, love the color fade.

  7. I enjoy seeing what you create! Those fabrics are gorgeous!

  8. Jayne says:

    It for sure reads sunset! I really like how you cut it down to a long rectangle. So clever!! Love the bamboo in the backgrund too!

  9. aquilterstable says:

    What wonderful color! I love that it grew too big so you just cut it in half and made it two-sided. Inspired!

  10. Jean McKinstry says:

    Stunning way you have graded the shades, and then made a two sided mini, I hope this will be displayed and it will be so admired.

  11. Rochelle Summers says:

    That is such a beautiful mini mini. I am always amazed at the level of detail that you put into each small piece.

  12. springleafstudios says:

    One of my favorite color combinations. Love the idea of splitting it in half for the front and back.

  13. Rita Long says:

    Love it!

  14. Those intense colors are gorgeous! What a fun mini!

  15. Patty says:

    Wow! This looks wonderful!

  16. Lorna Jones says:

    Love how the yellow really pops! On another not, where were the rushes? They make quite a lovely background!

  17. Liz says:

    Wow, I love these colors! It definitely reads sunset.

  18. Robin Klein says:

    My imagination ..suddenly thinks of several different things it could be depending on how it is hung. Lucky lady.

  19. Sylvia says:

    Love your colors. Regal is an amazing color—I used it for the background of a quilt a while back too and it made a totally different set of colors also glow.

  20. This is beautiful, Yvonne. I know the recipient will love the rich saturated colors in it! The really brilliant thing (and maybe a little scary at the time?) is that you cut the block in half to create a double-sided mini. Love that idea!

  21. Sarah Goer says:

    I just love the color in this one. And the ratio of the piece is fabulous. It adds interest to the mini mini to be non-square. 🙂

  22. Kaja says:

    What a clever idea, to cut your piece in half and make a two-sided quilt. The proportions you ended up with are really pleasing, as are those beautiful, saturated colours. I bet the recipient was thrilled.

  23. It’s gorgeous! I read that it finished at 9″ square, looked at the picture and thought, “that’s not square!” Then I kept reading, lol. I love that you cut it in half and made it double sided. The colour progression is perfect and so is the quilting 🙂

  24. This is freaking fantastic Yvonne! Wow, and I just love that it’s two-sided, identical, just takes it to another level.

  25. Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses says:

    So pretty! You do such a good job putting colors together. I almost like the back better than the front.

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