Wonder in Issue 65 of Love, Patchwork & Quilting (photo courtesy of LP&Q)
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Introducing Wonder {LP&Q Issue 65}

After what feels like an incredibly long wait, I am very pleased to get to share my quilt Wonder with you today. Wonder can be found in Issue 65 of Love, Patchwork & Quilting, which released in the UK yesterday (Thursday, September 6th) and will be available in the US in another 4-6 weeks.

Wonder in Issue 65 of Love, Patchwork & Quilting (photo courtesy of LP&Q)

Wonder in Issue 65 of Love, Patchwork & Quilting (photo courtesy of LP&Q)

Wonder is a design sketch I made while sitting on a beach, listening to the waves lap against the shore, looking out at the turquoise colors deepening as the water depth increased off shore. I don’t think I’m the only one that looks out at the horizon across an ocean and is filled with a sense of wonder…

Wonder in Issue 65 of Love, Patchwork & Quilting (photo courtesy of LP&Q)

Wonder in Issue 65 of Love, Patchwork & Quilting (photo courtesy of LP&Q)

Wonder is made using Paintbrush Studio Painter’s Palette solids in Azure, Aruba, Pale Aqua, and Gulf Stream. I also color matched 50wt Aurifil threads to the Painter’s Palette solids and used 2805 (Light Grey Turquoise), 5006 (Light Turquoise), 1148 (Light Jade), and 4093 (Jade).



I finished Wonder last November and took it to my local mountain park for a few photographs before shipping it away. The bright colors had a stark contrast with the muted fall enviornment.



Wonder finishes at 66 inches wide by 84 inches long, and I was definitely grateful for my very tall husband’s ability to hold up a large quilt!

If you are interested in making your own version of Wonder, you can find the pattern in Issue 65 of Love, Patchwork & Quilting. The magazine is also available for purchase as a digital download.

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31 thoughts on “Introducing Wonder {LP&Q Issue 65}

  1. vivian383 says:

    Beautiful design Yvonne, and spectacular quilting! I hope that you enter this quilt into some shows this year.

  2. kaholly says:

    Yvonne, it’s gorgeous. I live by the sea and I get it! The quilting is incredible. You were born to design and make quilts!

  3. shoshana says:

    Yvonne, how do you do it? each and every pattern you share makes me feel i just have to sit douwn and make this….so beautiful and such flowing peace…thank you once again!

  4. Cocoa Quilts says:

    Yvonne this is beautiful. The colors and quilting definitely remind me of the sitting and watching the ocean and all its glory.

  5. Daniela Kirk says:

    Great Job Yvonne!! I like the color play and cool tones of your fabric pull. Wonderfully quilted. Just Beautiful……

  6. Miriam says:

    your quilt definitely pulls me to the ocean. It’s beautiful, and your quilting is amazing. you have such a talent.

  7. Oh my. This is a beautiful quilt. Those colors are just perfect. Did you enjoy piecing with the Paintbrush Studio fabrics?

  8. Rita Long says:

    This is a beautiful quilt. It is so you. Love it. I would think it is hard to wait so long to be able to reveal it.

  9. What a stunning design, Yvonne! And I love your source of inspiration. I’ve spent many a days staring out at the water (a lake in my case) being inspired to write or design. Nothing like nature to get our creative juices flowing!!

  10. Beth LaMotte says:

    Wow….I don’t know where to begin. I live by the Gulf of Mexico and always seek the ocean for comfort and reflection, especially during difficult times. You have caught the healing wonder of the ocean in one gorgeous quilt. The design not only flows, but glows especially in the picture your husband is holding in the fall. Congratulations.

  11. aquilterstable says:

    Striking design and your quilting adds an additional dimension that is really lovely!

  12. springleafstudios says:

    Congrats on the new design and publication! Such lovely, soothing colors. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced the sounds and sights of being near the ocean.

  13. Patty says:

    Such a beautiful quilt and your quilting is just perfect!

  14. Sue MacLeod says:

    beautiful quilt, love the quilting in the squares

  15. Sunshine and shadows, and tall trees, the most beautiful setting for a photo. Love the way the shadings in the fabrics show off your quilting lines so well.

  16. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Yvonne, Once again, You have created a beautiful quilt! The fabrics you chose are lovely for “being” on a beach watching the waves. Since we moved to Southern Oregon from Wyoming, going to the Ocean has always been one of my favorite things to do. Just sitting and watching the waves as they gently come in or walking along a beach with a lot of huge mountainous rocks as the big waves hit and there are so many movements going on. It is such a beautiful scene to watch. Oh, sorry Yvonne, I got caught up again. Your creations really can make me feel and that is why I do love you as a modern quilter! So often with your designs and a few helpful descriptive words it is a piece of art! Thank you so much for creating, designing and sharing all of you and your gifts with us! Have a fantastic day!

  17. Liz says:

    Oh Yvonne it’s so beautiful!! I love the icy blue colors, and I really love the quilting you did on it, especially the intricate swirling design inside the squares. I haven’t received my issue yet, but I can’t wait!

  18. Mary says:

    That is stunning! So different.

  19. Kate says:

    Gorgeous! Love those teal blue fabrics.

  20. Izzy says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous Yvonne! And I love your inspiration for this design.

  21. sue7oaks says:

    I love the soft blue palette you’ve used for this quilt! The quilting is great as well, it really plays on the waves on the beach theme. Marvellous job!

  22. Congratulations, Yvonne. It has a calm, cool vibe. I love your quilting.

  23. Lea says:

    Wow!! Yvonne, I don’t have the words to tell you how much I like everything about this quilt. The colors, the quilting, the design all of it is absolutely stunning. I pinned it.

  24. Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses says:

    Wonder is wonderful. I love the detailed quilting in the large squares.

  25. Gorgeous! It definitely has that ocean feel and falls into my most loved color these days. The quilting is fantastic.

  26. Jayne says:

    That is a beautiful quilt Yvonne! I love the colors and design. Clean and fresh! The ocean is the best place for inspiration!

  27. Wow! This is truly beautiful, Yvonne. And the quilting is spot-on. I don’t know how you keep such a gorgeous finish to yourself for so long. Glad you could finally spill the beans. : )

  28. Beautiful design and the quilting is spectacular!!

  29. I know I already said somewhere on social media that it’s gorgeous, but I’ll just say it again – it’s gorgeous, Yvonne! I especially love the quilting in the darkest blue squares.

  30. Excellent quilting choices! And congrats on having it published.

    I really like that last picture with the lots of shadows. Makes me wonder what the pattern would look like in a very dark palette. That’s the one thing I really would like about using a design program is the ability to change the colours easily.

  31. Sue Rostron says:

    Another beauty

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