Mirage {2019 Quilter's Planner}
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Mirage {2019 Quilter’s Planner Share the Love Blog Hop}

Welcome to the 2019 Quilter’s Planner Blog Hop! If you’re new to Quilting Jetgirl, I am Yvonne Fuchs: a quilter, designer, technical editor, and blogger. Today, I can introduce you to Mirage, which is included in the companion magazine with the 2019 Quilter’s Planner.

Mirage {2019 Quilter's Planner}

Mirage {2019 Quilter’s Planner} Photo taken by Kitty Wilkin (Night Quilter)

Have you ever been in the desert and seen a shimmering mirage, blurring sand and sky? Have you ever looked out across the ocean or a lake and lost the reference for the horizon?

Mirage {2019 Quilter's Planner}

Mirage {2019 Quilter’s Planner} Photo taken by Kitty Wilkin (Night Quilter)

The Mirage pattern is a modern minimal quilt design that is meant to represent that jumble of senses when horizon and distance are no longer sharp and instead we enjoy the shimmering and dancing uncertainty.

Mirage {2019 Quilter's Planner}

Mirage {2019 Quilter’s Planner} Photo taken by Kitty Wilkin (Night Quilter)

A mix of Carolyn Freidlander prints were perfect for capturing the colors and mood I wanted to establish for this quilt, and I am excited to see the interlocking rings of color that others create with the design.

El Mirage Dry Lake Bed

El Mirage Dry Lake Bed

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18 thoughts on “Mirage {2019 Quilter’s Planner Share the Love Blog Hop}

  1. Kate says:

    Very cool. You did capture the shimmer that one expects to see with a mirage with your lights and darks.

  2. What a stunning project, Yvonne! I’m in awe.

  3. What a stunning quilt, Yvonne! And I love the inspiration. Those Carolyn Friedlander prints are just perfect here!

  4. Jess @ Quilty Habit says:

    This is amazing, Yvonne. The photos really make it look like a mirage. So strange to see you working with prints! 😉

  5. You always seem able to capture just the right design for what you are trying to say in your quilts. I love this quilt. It has a simple, chic beauty.

  6. Joanne H says:

    This is a wonderful quilt! I always enjoy your pictures because you are so good at finding the perfect setting for each quilt. It looks like I’ve found yet another of your quilts that I’m going to have to make. Gee, I think that I’ll soon have enough made so that I could set up a special Quilting Jetgirl display in one of my rooms. 🙂

  7. Roseline McIntosh says:


  8. Elizabeth E. says:

    Beautiful quilt! And of course, I love the setting (you really do excel at these!). Thanks for the description as well–congratulations on another fine finish.

  9. Bernie says:

    So nice! I suspect this will be a pattern made by many – It will be quite different based on the fabric choices. Great design Yvonne!

  10. ioleenkimmel says:

    Truly amazing. Love the simplicity of this quilt.

  11. This is one of my all time favorite design you have made, it is minimal, beautiful, and peaceful. The horizontal straight lines give the quilt such texture without taking away from the piecing.

  12. Patty says:

    This quilt is stunning!

  13. Izzy says:

    Gorgeous design Yvonne! This is definitely going on my To Make list once I receive my planner (already ordered!). 🙂

  14. I love this design and the Carolyn Friedlander fabrics are perfect. A stunning quilt and the photography is exquisite. That blue binding is just perfect too. The planner is too big for my planning purchases but I lvoe the things in it. Now I am getting tempted to get one again.

  15. sue7oaks says:

    This is such a lovely quilt! And what a stunning setting for the photos!

  16. Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses says:

    These photos show off your gorgeous quilt so well. I love your use of color and value.

  17. I am sooo behind in commenting; I always want to try harder when I comment on your things. This is a lovely design and the fabrics you chose are so perfect for it. It’s one of those patterns where I don’t know if it would be successful in any other colour combo.

    (And you don’t have to reply to all my comments 😉

  18. Sue Rostron says:

    I lolve this one too. I live near the beach and will think about making a beach based quilt.

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