Fox Wholecloth Quilt - Planning Progress

Fox Wholecloth Quilt Progress

One of my big goals for the year is to make quilts for the bed in the Wabi-Sabi Overland expedition truck that my husband and I are building. I have been nervously anticipating making the second quilt, and my husband and I just sat down together to discuss design and make plans for how I am going to approach the project.

Fox Wholecloth Quilt - Planning Progress

Fox Wholecloth Quilt – Planning Progress

The starting point for the design is a silhouette of two foxes. Since our surname, Fuchs, means Fox in German, we were really attracted to the idea of having a quilt on our bed acknowledge that meaning. My husband created the silhouette outlines and printed them out on several 8 1/2″ by 11″ sheets of paper for us to doodle on. We also printed the silhouettes at what we think will be the final full size for the wholecloth quilt.

Fox Wholecloth Quilt - Planning Progress

Fox Wholecloth Quilt – Planning Progress

We spent over an hour talking and sketching out various ideas for how to add detail and quilt the foxes. To be honest: at this point in the process I was pretty darn nervous and telling my husband that I didn’t think I could pull it off. In my mind, it’s one thing to sketch out things in this small size and detail, but another thing entirely to quilt it larger and I was wondering just how I was going to get the kind of small detail put into the larger foxes on the quilt.

Fox Wholecloth Quilt - Planning Progress

Fox Wholecloth Quilt – Planning Progress

Thankfully the next step in the process calmed me right down: the larger foxes are not HUGE. They are larger, but small enough that I think I can add a nice touch of detail and pull off what we designed. Whew!

Fox Wholecloth Quilt - Planning Progress

Fox Wholecloth Quilt – Planning Progress

Using a slew of drawing tools and references, I transferred key elements of the design for each fox onto them to help as I mark out the quilt top.

Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Astral

Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Astral

I will be using Kona Cotton in Astral for the quilt front and back, and I have just enough of the fabric on hand to piece together a quilt top and backing. I am aiming to have the quilt finish at roughly the same size as the first bed quilt I made (Kaleidoscope Plus) at 68″ wide by 88″ long.

Fox Wholecloth Quilt - Planning Progress

Fox Wholecloth Quilt – Planning Progress

I will be using Aurifil Forty3 thread for the quilting, and before I start quilting, I have a few test pieces I want to quilt. The first thing I need to determine is the method I want to use to outline the fox silhouettes. My husband and I have discussed just going around and around over the outline several times, using small loops to define the edge (think micro pebble quilting), or doing a back and forth Etch-a-Sketch kind of jagged line (if you scroll back to the detail design photo, you can see where we were even discussing and doodling this detail). It’s time to test them out and pick how to proceed!

In closing, my husband and I worked to represent our personalities with the details inside each fox. Which fox do you think represents me and which fox represents him?

23 thoughts on “Fox Wholecloth Quilt Progress

  1. Looking forward to seeing this one in progress on the frame!

  2. patty says:

    Such a cool project! It will be so much fun to see how this finishes. I’d guess your design is on the right – only because compass suggests flying suggest juetgirl????

  3. OMG, Yvonne, this is going to be such an epic project! I love how much you and your husband are collaborating on it as well. It will truly be a family heirloom once you’re done! I’m going to guess that your fox is the left one.

  4. wbamberg says:

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out. Right down my alley!

  5. This will be fun to watch your progress. I am not sure which one is which – I am tempted to say you are the sun and he the compass but I could see it totally being the other way too. Really fun thinking about the ways to accomplish this especially the outlining. Couching wooly threads or yarns could do it, too. I love the idea of thread etch-a-sketching too.

  6. Danice G says:

    Looking forward to seeing this quilt. I have tried wholecloth quilting, and love it.

  7. This will be so special, with a link to your surname. Have you thought of adding extra batting under the outline, to make it pop up more, once the usual whole batting is added? A bit like Trapunto but a whole lot easier. The fabric is lovely.

  8. I see the fox on the left as playful or aggressive, but I am better at dog body language than fox! I don’t see you as aggressive, so I am guessing you are represented by the shy one on the right. 🙂

  9. Amy L says:

    Very cool idea, and I can see you accomplish this with grace. Love the color. And since Michael is into nature photography, I think his fox is the one on the left. Yours has a Mariner’s Compass, which can represent quilting, as well as direction, which shows in your blogging. Plus there’s city’s, mountains and streams, which covers the hiking you both love, but can also be the places that you’ve gone for teaching and volunteering. So yours is the fox on the right.

  10. Such a cool project. At first I thought you were the fox on all fours, but I think perhaps you are the fox on its back legs. Can’t wait to find out! Take care, Mary.

  11. I love the meaning behind this project, I look forward to seeing it become a reality!

  12. How wonderful, the significance of the foxes makes this project extra special. I’ll be interested to watch the progress.

  13. aquilterstable says:

    oh what an interesting project! I look forward to seeing more.

  14. Lindsay says:

    This looks so cool, thanks for sharing! I’m excited to see more as you progress. Is your fox the one on the left?

  15. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts says:

    I love how much thought and planning is going into this very special quilt. You’re right about sketching on paper being so different from actually stitching out the design. I know you’ll do a fabulous job and the end result will be perfect for the two of you!

  16. Kate says:

    That’s going to be a very cool quilt. Even better, your guy is in on the planning. Looking forward to seeing this one come together.

  17. Jan O says:

    Wow, beautiful inspiration, so personal and so unique. I’m looking forward to seeing this one come to life.

  18. Lisa J. says:

    I am so impressed that you and your husband are working on planning this quilt together. It’s hard to figure out which fox is you as from what I can tell from reading your blog and seeing his you share many loves. I’m going to guess that you are the fox on the left because of the sun and the stars and because the trees and the mountains in the fox on the right remind me of his photos.

  19. Kaja says:

    Wow, this is a fantastic project! I love the foxes and the idea of adding details inside the outlines. I can see why you felt nervous but am confident you are going to end up with a stunning quilt.

  20. Jayne says:

    How did I miss this?! I hope you keep us updated with you progress along the way! It’s going to be amazing!

  21. Couldn’t possibly make any marital discord by picking who is who wrongly ! I do think it is a great idea to have a quit that represents you both and to work on it together.

  22. Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses says:

    So neat. Modern wholecloth quilts are fun. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  23. I love the details in the foxes! I imagine I would feel a little intimidated by the thought of stitching it all, but I’m confident that you will do it well 🙂 I can’t wait to watch how it progresses.

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