Wayward Transparency for Client
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Client Quilting {Wayward Transparency Quilt}

A few weeks ago a local friend dropped off a quilt for me to quilt. She used my Wayward Transparency pattern, and together we selected coordinating Aurifil thread colors for the different fabrics in the quilt top: 2360 (Chocolate), 2330 (Light Chestnut), and 2311 (Muslin). Which left me to ponder just how I was going to quilt it! Tish from Tish ‘n Wonderland just happened to finish quilting a mini quilt version of the Wayward Transparency design as I was pondering what I would do while I waited on the thread order, and her quilting was just the inspiration I needed!

Wayward Transparency for Client

Wayward Transparency for Client

Taking inspiration from the “ghost” motif that Tish created, I used a similar dot to dot approach within the piecing for my friend. I used a rounded edge boxy meander for the background, and a narrow piano key motif for the border.

Wayward Transparency for Client

Wayward Transparency for Client

My favorite detail in the quilting can be seen in each corner where I quilted as if the piano key borders overlap and those lines leading into the lighter triangle is what set how I quilted the lighter brown areas within the piecing as well.

Wayward Transparency for Client

Wayward Transparency for Client

The back of the quilt is the same as the background print: very light white! You can clearly see all the color changes and how the design reads from the back. Personally, I thought a lot about chocolate while I was quilting this, because that’s the name of the darkest thread color. Yummy!

I am not very fast at ruler work, which is what was required for the dot to dot motifs I selected, but I do like the way the quilting helps emphasize the motion of the design. The quilt is meant as a gift for her daughter-in-law, and I hope it gets lots of use and love!

23 thoughts on “Client Quilting {Wayward Transparency Quilt}

  1. gsyanne63 says:

    What a stunning quilt and the quilting just makes the design pop this should be a well loved gift for sure xxx

  2. sue7oaks says:

    This is just beautiful Yvonne! I love the rounded box motif and the rest makes use of the space really well!

  3. kaholly says:


    1. Diana Thomas says:

      I agree!!

  4. Fabulous quilting! Mine is not quilted and I’m still considering modifying the corners to add the HST. Awesome job!

  5. This is just gorgeous! I love the dot-to-dot choices for this piecing but I also really love the rounded boxy quilting in the background too — did you freehand all of that? That’s a motif that seems like it would be relatively easy once you worked at it a little bit to have consistent sized curves when turning the corners.

  6. My first thoughts when I saw this were about chocolate! The quilting works so well. You must be pleased with it.

  7. Jayne says:

    That turned out amazing! I love the meandering in the background…it’s really cool. I’m sure your friend is going to love it as well!

  8. aquilterstable says:

    Very nice!! Wonderful how nicely the quilting shows up on the back!

  9. Paula S. Pike says:

    Positively love it!!!!

  10. Such gorgeous quilting and the back is nearly as gorgeous as the front. Wonderful job and fun to get inspired by Tish’s work! We do learn from each other, don’t we?

  11. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Yvonne; I love the quilting you did on this Transparency Quilt! It does make one think of chocolate easily. With using the white as the backing, brilliant idea, it shows all of the quilting details and that is beautiful. This quilt will definitely be loved for all the years of its life! Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic creativity with us! Have a spectacular day!

  12. Perfect quilting design, the boxy meander sets off the triangles nicely!

  13. cheriec12 says:

    I can see a chocolate bar with caramel inside. I just want a little bite. The quilt is fantastic and the quilting a great enhancement.

  14. helen says:

    exquisite quilting as always Yvonne, the proof is in the backing as they say

  15. Shirley Elliottt is progressing! Such wonderful ideas and says:

    The quilt is beautiful and the quilting is awesome! Your quilting is magic.

  16. It looks wonderful! Ruler work takes me a long time, too, but it’s just what this quilt needed. It’s always my favorite when I get a solid backing fabric on a custom project. It’s so fun to really be able to see the quilting on the back. Yours looks amazing!

  17. Kate says:

    Gorgeous! The quilting really accents the piecing.

  18. Elizabeth E. says:

    This is terrific! I love how precise everything is, and that boxy meander in the background really plays into the quilt’s theme. This transparency design looks quite different in the chosen fabrics/colors than the usual, and the quilting really enhances this particular quilt. Great job!

  19. Danice G says:

    What a fresh take on Wayward Transparency! Absolutely love this one.

  20. davemelvanolan says:

    I like the look. – especially the border and corners. 🙂

  21. I love that Tish gave you inspiration! Her mini is so cute…chocolate! Every day I have some with my afternoon tea. I like the rounded edge meander you did too, and the overlapping piano keys in the corners just the perfect addition!

  22. Kaja says:

    Lovely quilting! I’m so glad you showed us the back too as I really like to see how design flows overall. How does it feel to be working on someone else’s version of your design? I hope you feel pretty proud.

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