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June Patreon Reward Quilts

Five Patrons unlocked rewards in June! One unlocked a mini quilt reward, and they received Variant. The other four unlocked mini mini quilt rewards, which I am pleased to say have all been received and so I get to share them with you today.

June Patreon Mini Mini Quilts

June Patreon Mini Mini Quilts

I like to ask each person if they have any likes or dislikes or strong preferences for me to consider when I make their mini mini quilt. I really enjoyed the variety of mini mini quilts that resulted from those prompts this month!

June Patreon Mini Mini Quilt - Love All Color

June Patreon Mini Mini Quilt – Love All Color

The first patron to reply offered that there were no “don’ts” and that they love all color. When surveying my stash, I though that the multicolored heart print really signified that expression. I also pulled some of my remaining scraps from my March Blogger Bundle for Needle and Foot (the print in the piecing). To balance those prints, I chose a low volume background and quilted heavily in the negative space, hopefully allowing the colors and patterns to be what shines.

June Patreon Mini Mini Quilt - Transparency, Rainbow, Bright Colors

June Patreon Mini Mini Quilt – Transparency, Rainbow, Bright Colors

The prompts that stuck with me for the second mini mini quilt were transparency, rainbow, and bright colors. I have been wanting to try a quilting motif based transparency idea for a while, and I used 12wt Aurifil thread I had left over from my Chakra Mini Quilt to explore that idea. I finished it off with a bright rainbow binding.

June Patreon Mini Mini Quilts - Prints, Transparency

June Patreon Mini Mini Quilts – Prints, Transparency

Based on the third patron’s Instagram feed, I surmised a love of prints. Coupling that thought with a comment about transparency, and I dove into some Studio e Just Color prints. I based the design on my recent mini quilt, Refraction, but I feel like this design stands on its own and named it Reflection.

June Patreon Mini Mini Quilts - Navy and White

June Patreon Mini Mini Quilts – Navy and White

Last and definitely not least is the sophisticated navy and white mini mini quilt. I took my time considering how to best work with two brightly contrasting colors, and I actually finished this mini mini quilt wanting to play with more ideas, some of which were suggested on Instagram and Facebook (adding bright hand quilting details for example).

The mini mini quilts ranges from 4 1/2-inches square to 5 1/2-inches square. I really suggest sewing or quilting a mini mini or mini quilt if you have an idea you want to try or if you want to celebrate a finish. They are always rewarding to create (and gift)!

17 thoughts on “June Patreon Reward Quilts

  1. Patty says:

    These are all great! My favorite is the rainbow transparency – what cool thread painting!

  2. Lorna Jones says:

    Beautiful work on all four!

  3. Each one is so unique and interesting. I was just thinking about a mini mini Wayward Transparency the other day, and how fun that would be. I have my mini mini on my kitchen counter, and smile each time I use it. I’m sure the recipients were delighted.

  4. Dawn Tornes says:

    What fun mini quilts! The quilting is amazing and make the quilts shine!

  5. Paula S. Pike says:

    Yvonne, their all beautiful but I think I prefer the navy and white the best.

  6. Those are all really great minis! The top right one is very you, and the fabrics in the top left/bottom right actually surprised me a bit. Everyone’s stash has hidden depths. Ooo, that would be a great blog series or hashtag – what fabric do you have that would surprise someone to find? And good job on the transparencies.

  7. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Yvonne; I can not decide on a favorite, each of these quilts are so unique and special. I am positive that the owners are going to cherish them. I still continue to receive so much inspiration from you, Yvonne. Your ideas are fresh and unique and always make me smile! Thank you for sharing all of your designs with us. Have a fabulous day!

  8. Kate says:

    Congrats to the winners. Those are some very fun minis!

  9. They are all adorable, but I love the bright one!

  10. They are all so much fun. The transparency with the quilting is quite a nice idea, but they are all gorgeous in their own way. Lucky you for their support and lucky them for their gift.

  11. sue7oaks says:

    These are great little quilts Yvonne! And what a good idea to play with ideas on this scale! I think my favourite is the navy and white but I also love the sweetness of the heart print.

  12. Shasta says:

    What great variety in these personalized gifts! It does look like a lot of fun to make these mini minis.

  13. Jayne says:

    Nice! I love each of them and especially love how you personalize for each person! I cannot remember the last time I made a mini mini…you’ve inspired me!

  14. These each are so unique and wonderful on their own, I love how you were able to try out different techniques for each.

  15. These are all amazing. The recipients are lucky to have received these.

  16. Jasmine @ Quilt Kisses says:

    I love all four, but the rainbow is my favorite.

  17. I love how fun and different they all are! I think the navy and white might be my favourite…there’s something wonderful about the simplicity and elegance of it.

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