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Murrina {Stash Statement Blog Tour}

I am thrilled to get to share my finished Murrina quilt, from the Stash Statement book by Kelly from My Quilt Infatuation, today! If you want to see my progression in making the quilt, all the previous posts about Murrina are:

Stash Statement (AmazonEtsy) (non-affiliate links) contains instructions for an easy introduction into improvisation and it is a wonderful book to encourage you to use up the scraps and fabric that you have on hand. The book contains three different methods for sewing fabric into new “made” yardage along with 12 quilt patterns. I am not the fastest improvisational piecer, but I absolutely love how the Murrina quilt came together and think that the book is a wonderful introduction into improvisation and certainly a great book for encouraging you to use your scraps and stash!



I opted to create a baby size version of the Murrina quilt that is presented in the book by making 4 blocks (the center block, two side blocks, and one corner block). I really love how the finished quilt is asymmetrical and looks like bubbles or candy pouring down from the upper right to the lower left.

Murrina - Quilting Detail

Murrina – Quilting Detail

I knew that I wanted to quilt loops in the background, so I started there using 50 wt Aurifil 1148 to blend in with the Kona Breakers. I outlined each snowball block as I quilted the background. I color matched the thread to each snowball block color, using 50 wt 1104 for the orange blocks, 28 wt 2135 for the yellow blocks, 1231 for the chartreuse blocks, 4020 for the pink blocks, and 2535 for the fuchsia blocks.

Murrina - Detail

Murrina – Detail

I quilted vertical back and forth lines in the smallest size snowball blocks and horizontal back and forth lines in the medium and largest size snowball blocks.



I bound the quilt with a fun bright pink print, and I love the way it frames the quilt. I stitched it on by machine and used 2530 on top and 1148 in the bobbin to blend in with the backing.

Murrina - Quilt Backing

Murrina – Quilt Backing

Speaking of the backing, I used more Kona Breakers for the back of the quilt. I inserted a strip of bright orange to get to the needed width.

Murrina - Quilt Backing Detail

Murrina – Quilt Backing Detail

Up close, the thread color changes for the top of the quilt (I matched bobbin thread to the top thread for quilting) show throw on the backing in a very subtle way.

Murrina & Quilt Inspector

Murrina & Quilt Inspector

My cat, Puppy, does love to get a look at my quilts and I was especially fond of letting him inspect the Murrina quilt when it was finished as I think he is quite handsome when paired with really bright colors.



My version of the Murrina quilt finished at 47 1/2″ square after quilting and binding. To see more of the quilts from the Stash Statement book, follow along with the blog tour (schedule below). In particular, you won’t want to miss out on Kelly’s original Murrina quilt and my friend Leanne from Devoted Quilter‘s version of Murrina today as well!

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32 thoughts on “Murrina {Stash Statement Blog Tour}

  1. Dorothy says:

    I love your version of this. And this book is my favorite of all the new books out lately. I want to make every quilt in it !!

  2. Kaja says:

    In these lovely colours they look more like jewels to me than snowballs – amethyst and peridot.

  3. Sarah Goer says:

    I love everything about this project. Your color palette is so fun and I enjoy the asymmetric style of the smaller version. Your quilting is top notch. Great choices all around!

  4. sue7oaks says:

    This is a beautiful quilt Yvonne and Puppy does look handsome with bright colours. I love your quilting and the background colour really makes your blocks pop!

  5. Another lovely quilt 🙂 Thank you for sharing in detail the quilt stitching choices you made including the threads you used – it’s so helpful.

  6. Cindy Pieters says:

    I love the snowball colours against that background!

  7. Such a wonderful quilt! These days I’m totally into color gradient quilts, and this is such a whimsical way to practice those skills. I think this is my favorite quilt in Kelly’s book. Take care, Mary.

  8. Patty says:

    Love this! It came out wonderful!

  9. Lisa says:

    This is stunning Yvonne. Kona breakers is the best. The shapes look 3D and puppy just looks gorgeous with the bright colours.

  10. Kona breakers is a great background color. It makes me think of looking at a pool with some pretty crystals floating in it. Love your improv blocks. Another great quilt, Yvonne!

  11. Jayne says:

    Very pretty! The background is beautiful and really lets the snowball blocks stand out. I’ve never had much luck using a different color bobbin thread when quilting, it always shows! I should rethink that! I think you pulled together a beautiful quilt…and only four blocks!!

  12. Liz W. says:

    What a gorgeous quilt! It looks like gemstones glittering. The colors are fabulous, and I love that you put it on a blue background, so daring!

  13. Your Murrina quilt is so awesome, Yvonne! I love the offset bubbles, and the color palette is great. I’m glad you enjoyed the process. Thank you so much for helping me launch my book by participating in the blog hop.

    🙂 Kelly

  14. This is a terrific version. It seems as if it might be a nice way to keep the scrap clutter moving along. I think Puppy is purr-fect on the quilt.

  15. aquilterstable says:

    Very nice! I think Breakers was an inspired background choice. And funny, at first glance my mind had the ‘balls’ floating up from lower left to upper right, rather than ‘falling’. So it was fun to read what you ‘saw!’

  16. Susan says:

    Looks fantastic!! Great job on the quilting too – the loops are perfect for the background.

  17. Elizabeth E. says:

    Congratulations on a fun (and fine) finish. I like your description of bubbles effervescing on your quilt top–such a great quilt!

  18. Julie in WA says:

    Your version sparkles! Seriously, each bauble looks like a gemstone! Great job.

  19. quiltingmod says:

    I love how the gem tones pop in this.

  20. Rochelle says:

    What a beautiful quilt with all of the jewel toned colors. The way the spheres are placed gives so much movement to the quilt. The quilting, both background and in the spheres, is wonderful. You have the perfect model to include with your photo of the finished quilt.

  21. Your improv blocks look like colorful faceted gems. Fun loopy quilting is nice too!

  22. It looks like jewels tumbling across your quilt!

  23. Oh my goodness, Yvonne! I love this! The scrappy blocks look like jewels scattered on a cloth. I was wondering what four blocks you were making and never considered this arrangement. It certainly was fun to be making our quilts at the same time and it’s amazing how different ours look from each other and from Kelly’s original quilt, which is one of the things I love about quilting. Even when we use the same pattern our end results can be so different because of our personal choices.

  24. Alison says:

    I am in LOVE with this quilt, Yvonne! It reminds me of blowing bubbles in the summer and the rainbow sheen on the bubbles. I think that your quilting choices are perfection and the binding is divine!

  25. Love it!! I really like how you made each snowball one colour, rather than random scrappy. Gotta love Breakers. ☺

  26. Really pretty Yvonne. When I first looked at this it reminded me of a book we had when I was a child and it had the birthstones for each month. I loved those pictures and your quilt looks like a scattering of gems. It is lovely.

  27. Rebecca Grace says:

    Your Murrina quilt is so pretty! It reminds me of gemstone baubles because the piecing gives a subtle faceted effect. And the hot pink binding is just perfection. Congrats on a terrific finish!

  28. Lois says:

    I found this on a link party, which is where I find new blogs to follow. I was so intrigued by the little picture and had to see what you made. I love it!!! I thought of marbles when I saw this! You now have a new folllower!

  29. Beautiful! I really like the choice of the blue for the background, it makes the pieced areas pop like little jewels on the quilt.

  30. This turned out fantastic! Love, love the blue!!

  31. This would make an adorable baby quilt. Leanne’s multicoloured version is adorable too.
    I see bubbles or balloons floating the sky (which we no longer do because of plastic waste).

  32. Sue Rostron says:

    This is so cool. Love it. It’s a joyous quilt.

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