Giveaway Friday

Welcome to installment 2 of Giveaway Friday! There were a lot of questions about my downsizing last week, and I will definitely be filling in more details when I can. For now, we are just doing a lot of de-cluttering, donating, selling, and general spring cleaning.

This week, I’m giving away more 100 Blocks magazines.

I am giving away (1) 100 Blocks Volume 15 and (4) 100 Blocks Volume 16 magazines today. I will ship to any US address, but if you are an international follower, I don’t want to leave you out. So if someone internationally wins, they will get their selection of 1 PDF pattern from my shop.

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway is open until Sunday, May 13th, at 9pm Eastern. By entering, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older. Winners will be randomly selected and emailed. To claim your prize, you will have 48 hours to reply via email or a new winner will be selected. Good luck!

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*Note that I try to reply to every comment I receive, but the volume of comments on giveaway posts are too much for me to respond to everyone individually.

79 thoughts on “Giveaway Friday

  1. Hiya!!! Although I make all sizes, my fallback is the 12″ size. Don’t need too many for a good size quilt yet big enough for fussy cutting. Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!!
    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  2. 12 inch is my pick, then a quilt goes together a lot faster. 6 inch is good for solids or tiny prints, and I have done a 24 inch one in a QAL. I found I needed to be so very accurate with all seams in those ones.

  3. QuiltShopGal says:

    I’m honestly not sure I have a favorite size block. For many years it was probably a 12″ block, but I also find myself drawn to 6″ blocks now, as well as 24″. Guess I’ll claim I have no “bias” for block size! LOL!

  4. Linda Cejnar says:

    I don’t really pick a block based on size, I pick it based on pattern. For instance, the quilt I’ve been working on for tooooo looong, started off as a 12 inch block made with fat quarters. When I starched the fat quarter, I didn’t have enough room for all the pattern pieces, so I cut it down to a 10 inch block. It is a Memory block with 49 pieces in that 10 inch block and it is taking me forever to finish! Maybe next time I’ll work with a larger block pattern so I can get the quilt done fairly quickly. Thanks for the give away. ljbisme at msn dot com

  5. I don’t have a favorite size, but I do have a dream of making teeny tiny ones someday.

  6. Dorothy Schreyer says:

    I really really need to go through boxes I keep moving and get rid of or “downsize things” but my excuse is no time….

  7. anne d says:

    I love big block as you need less to make a quilt but I don’t design quilts so I usually pick a pattern and make whatever size block in the pattern. I usually try to avoid 6 inch blocks but am planning to do a Tula Pink 100 block quiltalong.

  8. Danice G says:

    I like larger blocks, 12″ they are easier to sew with arthritis.

  9. Deborah Holley says:

    Love a good giveaway: I’m liking 12″ these days. Thanks for the opportunity

  10. Kathryn Laposata says:

    I make 12 inchers the most, but sometimes like to make bigger blocks to get a quilt done in no time.

  11. Sharon Maddox says:

    I like 12 inch blocks. Thank you for the give a way .

  12. barbara says:

    love those magizines

  13. Pam says:

    I don’t believe I have ever gotten one of those 100 block magazines. That would be fun to have.

  14. Lee says:

    I like the 12 inch blocks but I think making a bigger block quilt would be fun!

  15. Bec says:

    I prefer smaller blocks. I think it gives more opportunity for including beautiful fabrics. 9″ or less seems good to me right now.

  16. Kathy E. says:

    I’m not too particular, but 12″ blocks are probably more frequently made in my sewing room!

  17. Pat Seager says:

    are you available for travel/teaching?

  18. Deborah DeBerry says:

    I like to piece 6 to 9 inch blocks, and then make a lot of them.

  19. Julie J Vogel says:

    12-inch blocks! My favorite quilt that I have made so far is of 12 inch log cabin blocks.

  20. Jo Anne Hawks says:

    Mostly 12″ blocks. However, I do many sizes. I don’t particularly like to piece smaller than 6″.

  21. Jill Spencer says:

    I like 12″ blocks the best. Thanks for another chance.

  22. Kaja says:

    What a good way to rehome stuff you don’t want/won’t have space for anymore. I admire your discipline in getting started with the clearing out – much better than doing it all in a mad couple of months somewhere down the line, and it allows plenty of time for well-considered decisions.

  23. Summer says:

    I like 12″ blocks!

  24. Pat V. says:

    I love all sizes. I think 12 inch is my go-to size for most quilts, although just now I’m having fun piecing 3 inch blocks for a special quilt!

  25. Cathy Wilson says:

    I don’t really have a favorite but I do prefer even numbers. I just finished a quilt with 9 1/4 inch blocks and that was a little different

  26. Good luck with your de-cluttering. I’ve recently made some large blocks, and I loved them. The bigger the better!!

  27. sharon says:

    I like a large block– 12-18 inches– or 36 inches if it is a single block baby quilt. I find it harder to cut really large blocks with rulers

  28. I don’t really have a block preference, but larger blocks definitely make a project go more quickly.

  29. Noreen says:

    I usually do 12″ blocks. I should do 24″, my quilt would probably get done faster!

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