Murrina Improv Block Progress

Improv Piecing Progress {Murrina | Stash Statement}

I have been making slow and stead progress on the improv squares that I need to piece the Murrina quilt from Stash Statement. I just crested over the halfway point; I have 16 blocks complete and 10 more to piece.

Murrina Improv Block Progress

Murrina Improv Block Progress

I am taking a different approach to the improv panels than is presented in the book because I really wanted specific color groupings and block sizes in specific colors. The method in the book is a perfect gentle introduction into scrap / improv piecing. Looking at what I am piecing, it is clear that I am drawn to fairly angular styles.

Murrina Improv Block Progress

Murrina Improv Block Progress

I am loving the color combination and I can’t wait to get these done and see how they interact with the bright Kona Cotton Breakers background that I selected.

Murrina - Up Next on the Cutting Mat

Murrina – Up Next on the Cutting Mat

Up next on the cutting mat are the yellows, which coordinate nicely with the grid on my Olfa mat and 60mm Olfa rotary cutter. Have you seen the announcement that Olfa now has endurance blades for the 60mm? I love my 60mm rotary cutter and can’t wait to give an endurance blade a try!

In other news, I had planned to be gone yesterday for a quilt photoshoot but the weather just didn’t cooperate. Fingers crossed the winds are lower and I can pull it off, with the help of a good friend, next week!

21 thoughts on “Improv Piecing Progress {Murrina | Stash Statement}

  1. Love the angular lines too! And can’t wait to see how the colours play off one another once you introduce the yellow ;)

  2. Patty says:

    These blocks look great!

  3. Liz W. says:

    These blocks look great! I’ve gotten addicted to the look of crazy pieced blocks. I like that you have some diagonal ones in yours!

  4. Love the colors you’re working with! I’m so glad to hear the endurance blades are coming out for 60mm! I’ve been waiting for them.

  5. Anita Nelson says:

    This type of improv piecing appeals to me as well. I am always drawn to monochromatic compositions. Working on something like that right now!

  6. Paula S. Pike says:

    Very cool! Love your combinations.

  7. Wow!! These are just so vibrant! Funny I was talking with Preeti this week, and improv is definitely not fast piecing is it?! This is going to be just ultra beautiful I can tell!

  8. Facetfully says:

    Great colors and lines! Looking forward to the finished post….whenever that is!

  9. A super set of colours so far, and if this uses strips and scraps, all the better. Endurance blades? They are $19 here for the 45mm, as against $5 for a cloned one, or $11 to $15 for an ordinary Olfa brand one. If they last so much longer, well worth the extra cost.

  10. Lisa says:

    I love how the lime and pink play with each other. The glimpses I’ve seen of quilts from this book make it look so interesting. I’m keeping it on a wish list.

  11. Kaja says:

    I like the angles in these blocks too, especially the second lime green block, where the angular bit looks almost like it’s the corner of something bigger.

  12. Laura says:

    I’ve looked at your blocks several times – they are so different than the improv blocks I made for my quilt for the blog hop (my day is still a few weeks away)! Mine aren’t angular at all! I always love how the same pattern/idea creates such unique results from different people. I just finished all the blocks for my quilt last night. And Kona Breakers is my favorite! Your quilt is going to be fabulous!!

  13. Your blocks are looking great. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  14. Kate says:

    The colors in your improve blocks are so vivid. It’s going to be a beautiful rainbow quilt when it’s all done and together.

  15. Izzy says:

    Your blocks are fabulous Yvonne! I just love the colours. I purchased Kelly’s book last week and can’t wait to get started piecing my scraps!

  16. aquilterstable says:

    Your scrappy blocks are really striking the way you are doing them!

  17. Your improve blocks look great, I really like the rainbow of colors.

  18. Kathleen McCormick says:

    I love these improv blocks! I really need to start making some.

  19. Sylvia says:

    So curious to see what this wil turn into!

  20. I really like your improv blocks, especially the green ones, you have used some great fabric combinations. Improv isn’t easy and takes practice, I have done a little and have great respect for those who do it well. I like how you make the fabric to cut into the blocks. I look forward to seeing your progress on tis one.

  21. Sue Rostron says:

    These blocks are fandiddlytastic.

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