Stash Enhancement

Stash Enhancement

Last week I had the pleasure of taking the 2018 QuiltCon Charity Quilt, Better Together, created by the Blue Moon Quilters to my local quilt shop to drop of for donation to Project Linus.

Better Together

Better Together

I picked up and brought Better Together home with me from QuiltCon. I removed the labels required for the show, removed the hanging sleeve, and was able to wash it for the first time before dropping it off.

Stash Enhancement

Stash Enhancement

Since I was at my local quilt shop, I decided to have a look around. I didn’t go with the intent to bring home almost 8 yards of fabric…

Stash Enhancement - Black and White

Stash Enhancement – Black and White

…but then I remembered the Aurifil Blocks of the Month. The color theme is black and white and a color, and I have already used up a lot of my black and white prints that I had in my stash. I was disappointed that there was only 3/4 of a yard left of the black crosshatch, but at least I got that last 3/4 yard!

Stash Enhancement - Brights

Stash Enhancement – Brights

And then I fell in love with these bright prints. I would have purchased the crosshatch print in every color, had the store had any additional colorways! As for the blue polka dots, I fell in love with this print when a student used it in her Wayward Transparency piecing in my class on April 12th. When I saw it in stock I had to have some for my stash, too.

I decided to buy a yard of everything. What is the yardage you typically buy for stash enhancement?

24 thoughts on “Stash Enhancement

  1. Anne Hayward says:

    I love the fabric you’ve chosen lovely vibrant colours the black and white crosshatch is gorgeous. I normally but 1 – 2 meters of fabric if I think it will work for a backing I go to 4 meters.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Quilty hugs xxxx

  2. sue7oaks says:

    Lovely fabrics Yvonnne! It’s so handy to be able to drop your charity quilt off at your LQS but obviously fraught with danger! I typically buy 1/2 yard cuts for fabric hoarding.

  3. vivian383 says:

    I love that quilt! And my fingers are itching to buy that fabric that you found too! I usually buy at least 1 metre or yard of the bright fabrics to keep in the stash- but the neutrals of white I buy usually 5 or 6 yards at a time.

  4. Kate says:

    You came home with a great set of brights. I usually try to limit myself to fat quarters or half yards. Since I tend to make scrappy quilts the most, that’s what I tend to use the most of.

  5. kaholly says:

    Juicy colors! I try to buy a yard if my pocketbook allows!

  6. Peggy C says:

    That black cross hatching is great. I usually buy a yard at a time because if I only buy 1/2 yard it’s never enough when I find the the right project for it.

  7. Laura M says:

    Love those bright prints. I tend to add 1/2 m or meters to my curated collection. If I find a low volume/neutral that I really like I buy more, at least 2 m..

  8. Teresa Springer says:

    It really depends. Blacks, whites, and creams that I use for backgrounds I get alot of yardage. Usually, I’ll get 108 inch backings for that. Overall price for 108inch per yard is cheaper than three yards of 40-42 inch and now the choices are staggering. 1930s prints- one yard cuts. Everything else, usually half yards.

    Your fabrics are very cute. I see a baby quilt

  9. Liz W. says:

    Ooh that black and white fabric is amazing!! Especially that black crosshatch, what is it?

    If I go to the quilt shop and see fabric I like, I usually buy at least a yard of each. However, I don’t buy yardages a lot, I’m addicted to FQ bundles and other precuts.

  10. SusanBK says:

    It’s going up! I used to buy half yards. Now I buy a yard and sometimes more. Eep! But it’s wonderful to have enough of something when you need it. Love those crosshatches, too!

  11. Oh I love all your fabrics, just the kind I like I couldn’t have resisted either. I used to buy smaller amounts but somehow it was never enough, now I’m tending to buy a metre or a half metre depending on how much I like it and what my budget allows.

  12. Izzy says:

    What a beautiful bundle of fabric – I love those brights!! I used to buy fat quarters but found that many of the quilts I wanted to make required more so now I like to buy at least half-yard cuts.

  13. What fun fabric! I can see so many uses for them! And those blue polka dots are just super cute – I’d have a hard time resisting them too!

  14. Jan O says:

    Love your stash additions!!! For purely stash enhancement I usually get 1 yard pieces in Paducah (minimum cut at the places there) or FQs when my LQS has them on sale. Since many of my quilts are scrappy-ish, one yard goes a long way.

  15. Patty says:

    Great fabric finds!

  16. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Yvonne; Lovely fabrics that you came home with! I usually buy at least 1 yard or maybe 2 yards, that depends on how much I like it and if I have a quilt in mind. When it comes to whites, greys and blacks and the budget allows I buy at least 5 yards. These are my favorite background fabrics to use. Actually, I have just added grey into the mix after seeing some very stunning quilts created with grey as a background and it was a color I had never considered. Thank you for sharing and have a fabulous day!

  17. Kathleen McCormick says:

    I like to buy at least a yard. It does depend on how much I think I’ll use – but stash culling is more my mode these days!

  18. helen says:

    I love all your fabrics, I am very fond of cross hatch fabrics. And then I saw the spotty one at the end. That must be my favourite. For many years I bought fq of fabric, then I realised I should really be buying half metres or full metres. And less novelty fabrics!

  19. Sylvia says:

    I usually get quarter yards, or half if it’s a big print and I absolutely adore it, because there are usually too many fabrics I want some of, but I think your strategy of yards is better. I tend to end up needing larger cuts when I get around to making an actual quilt.

  20. aquilterstable says:

    1/2 to 1 yard is my norm, though I may buy 2 yards if I think it could be used as a background. I very rarely purchase fat-quarters any more unless I want to see the whole line, like anything Carolyn Friedlander does.

  21. Oooooh….such pretty fabrics. I buy at least one metre…if the price is really good, then I’ll get two metres.

  22. That crosshatch print is to die for. I’ve been trying to cut back on my stash, but when I do “need” to buy something, the yardage varies. A yard is good for something bright, but neutrals, especially blenders, I usually get two yards. I never seem to have the neutral I need!

  23. Lisa C in Dallas says:

    Because of the way I store my fabric, I generally buy quarter yards because I’m generally a scrappy quilter. If it’s a great price and I think it would be a great backing, I’ll buy 4-5 yards but I try to only keep two or three of this type on hand. I generally buy 3 yards of solid white (on sale) at the time. It all adds up!

  24. Those are all great backgrounds/blenders, so I would buy a metre. Typically, if it is a busy print just for my stash, I buy 30 centimetres or 12 inches.

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)