Murrina - Fabric Pull

Murrina – Getting Started {Stash Statement}

I came home from Tennessee without my mobile devices (thanks to my parents, I received them last last Thursday) and with a cold. On Friday, I decided to take it easy, and despite my best efforts of going slow, this bug has decided to linger. My weekend consisted of lots of naps, hot tea, and additional rest. That being said, I made some time to do a bit of sewing, and I am looking forward to seeing where my Stash Statement project takes me.

Murrina - Fabric Pull

Murrina – Fabric Pull

The first step was to go to my stash and create my fabric pull for the project. The quilt I am making, Murrina, requires a pretty good amount of background fabric, and I selected Kona Breakers that I had on hand.

My next step was to pull prints from my bins to create the improv panels, and I was drawn to chartreuse through fuchsia. I really like how these colors are playing together. I am reserving the right to go back to my stash and add more variety to the prints shown here, but I pulled the prints that were more scrap like and in the same color groupings for a place to start.

Murrina - Piecing

Murrina – Piecing

My plan is to do a bit of idea testing and play while I am making the improv block slabs required for the quilt. I’ve had a few more combinatorics style block ideas simmering for a while that I want to try out informally.

As a quick side note: this view of my cutting mat is rather messy for me and kind of freaks me out.

Murrina - First Improv Blocks/Units

Murrina – First Improv Blocks/Units

Getting to see the blocks is definitely inspiring enough that I bet I can power through and get my scrap / stash improv panels made. I am planning to make a smaller version of Murrina (requiring 4 instead of 9 full size blocks), so I only need (4) 8 1/2-inch squares, (9) 6 1/2-inch squares, and (13) 4 1/2-inch squares. 3 down… only 23 to go!

What did you work on this weekend?

18 thoughts on “Murrina – Getting Started {Stash Statement}

  1. Tina Cernugel says:

    I finished the binding on a Little Lamb baby quilt as well as some crab themed place mats I started a few years ago; felt good to finish these before I washed my fabrics for a blue and white quilt I am making for my daughter….

  2. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, hopefully the rest and tea will have you better in no time 🙂 Love where this new project is headed – I especially love that it’s a scrap buster!!

  3. Each scrappy colorway is beautiful! Feel better soon!

  4. Glad you are slowing down and taking it easy so that the bug can get out of your system, Yvonne. It’s difficult to slow down, isn’t it? I like where you are going with the blocks. I can work with a mess for awhile, but then it’s got to be cleaned up. I’m realizing that too much clutter affects my mood, so I’m trying to create order without getting too overboard.

  5. Patty says:

    Great bright colors! This should be fun to see what comes next!

  6. Alison says:

    These are looking very neat! I am very excited by your color palette!

  7. Liz W. says:

    Oh you’re making the Murrina! I’m so excited to see it, I know it will be fabulous!

  8. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Yvonne; Sorry to hear that the cold bug has snagged you. I hope that you feel better soon! I took the time and went back to read the posts you highlighted, that way I would know what was interlinked with the post on today. I just love your brown and white wall hanging! The way the first picture appears, I thought it was a small block. So when you revealed it hanging on the wall, I was astonished and awed even more with it. Another magnificent quilt Yvonne and I believe your quilting choice adds so much personality to it. Thank you for sharing it. I have been following the Stash Statement Blog Hop discovering what Kelly has created for us to use up our stash scraps. I have always loved scrap quilts and with the blocks that you are creating, I can not wait to see what your final quilt will be. Each of your blocks are fantastic, I especially like the dark fabric block with the gentle curves. It is just very appealing and curves usually make me say no quite a few times! LOL. I also look forward to seeing more posts on your fun journey with making this quilt. I hope that you get all the rest you need to feel better soon!

  9. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Sorry about your phone and your cold…glad you are on the mend. I love the way these are turning out. I really want to get ahold of this book – I have another one of her patterns but I love the looks of her quilts – and it really looks like they use up scraps. ON the weekend – I finished my Island Batik project for April. Was a little stumped on the quilting – for no good reason – wanting to go denser but then resisting that urge.

  10. I bet the cold made you forget things. We are never at our clear-headed best when ill.
    Look at that lovely rainbow of colour!
    What did I sew on the weekend? It all went in a blur. Like you, I took a rotary cutter to my scraps for an hour or so to tame them a bit.

  11. Roseline McIntosh says:

    You are a whizz with colours.
    I am practicing ruler work … and it finally clicked!

  12. aquilterstable says:

    I’m glad to see your post here – it didn’t even dawn on me to post progress posts. hmm. Anyway, your ‘scrap’ improv blocks are exceedingly more interesting than mine, with their beautiful designs – very nice! I’ll be watching for those in the finished quilt. Love your palette too. I’m asking my do.Good beemates to use Breakers for our blocks – or very close to it.

  13. Elizabeth E. says:

    I worked on a quilt recently with very similar colors–I love how your selection vibrates. If that’s your messiest cutting mat, I won’t show you how some of my pulls have gone recently! I hope you are feeling better now, and are plowing ahead with your creative projects.

  14. Feel better soon. I need to start working on my improv panels.

  15. Kaja says:

    Oh Yvonne, you should see what my cutting mat looks like when I’m sewing! This is a lovely fabric pull – I really like the colour range a lot.

  16. Okay who am I? Now I’m liking improv more and more!! Ah we change as we grow older, well most of us do I think. I have Aquarius by Paintbrush Studio, in my stash as leftover and funnily enough am using the cut-off HSTs from the binding as leader/ender with others, thinking this would be a cool background! and here is Breakers, very similar colour that you are doing just that! Will be watching to see where this goes. 😀

  17. Kate says:

    Hope you are feeling lots better, colds are the worst. Love the colors you’ve pulled for this project. Looking forward to seeing more of the blocks.

  18. I hope you’re able to shake the cold soon! Your progress is looking amazing. Our versions of the quilt will be crazy different with your colour coordinated approach versus my everything-including-the-kitchen-sink approach to the scrap panels 🙂

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)