Spring Into Colour Prompts
Instagram Photo Challenge

Spring Into Colour 2018

Just popping in today to mention that a new Instagram photo challenge, Spring Into Colour 2018, is kicking off today. It is being lead by my friend Leanne from Devoted Quilter, and I am looking forward to seeing the bursts of colour (don’t forget the ‘u’ in colour as Leanne is from Canada)!

Spring Into Colour Prompts

Spring Into Colour Prompts

Even if you are not on Instagram you can follow along by checking out the #SpringIntoColour_2018 hashtag over the next 2 weeks! And for those of you who are on Instagram, there are prizes available. You can get all the details in Leanne’s Spring Into Colour 2018 post!

5 thoughts on “Spring Into Colour 2018

  1. Kate says:

    Looks like fun!

  2. Thanks for spreading the word, Yvonne!

  3. Helen says:

    Must check this out , though my sticking power with these things is very poor . I am a great starter of things though

  4. Very fun! I had not heard of this, thanks for posting about it!

  5. I’ve been so busy working, I missed this! Sounds like fun!

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