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Piecing Instructions #2 Complete {WTQAL}

I don’t have the largest design wall, but it was just large enough to be perfectly helpful for the second set of piecing instructions for the Wayward Transparency Quilt Along!

Wayward Transparency Piecing #2 - In Progress

Wayward Transparency Piecing #2 – In Progress

What works really well for me is to have the pieces arranged on my design wall and to work on one section of a block at a time while referring back to what is on the design wall if I get confused.

Wayward Transparency Piecing #2

Wayward Transparency Piecing #2

And before I knew it, I had all the blocks together!

As many have noticed, we have come a very long way in the Quilt Along. The next set of instructions will be released on Friday, and because it is the day after Thanksgiving, it will be 3 weeks until the instructions that follow are released. I have purposefully made the tail end of the Quilt Along a bit drawn out to give us all a bit of time and space to enjoy the holiday season. Thanks for following (and quilting) along with me!

13 thoughts on “Piecing Instructions #2 Complete {WTQAL}

  1. Pam Arbour says:

    I have only had my design wall for a few months and it sure did pay off for this QAL. Everything about this quilt was easy peasy until it got time to put those easy pieces together! LOL I am sure that I would have had a lot of un-sewing to do if I hadn’t had that design wall. I carefully pieced two pieces at a time, ironed them and put them back on the wall before I pieced another. I don’t think I could ever chain piece this quilt! I don’t think I have the brains for it! LOL I have enjoyed looking at all of the quilts so far. Such diversity of colors and still they all look wonderful.

  2. Cindy says:

    I use a design board to lay out blocks when putting them together. I set it beside my sewing machine, it does help keep all the pieces together. I made it using foam board from the dollar store and a piece of batting.

  3. patty says:

    Looks great in blue! I did the same thing on my design wall. Still managed to flip the same area twice though! 🙂

  4. I’d better get crackin’ on this. I have one quadrant done, the others will soon follow. I really enjoy the stretch of time given for each step. It’s so much less stressful! My design wall is just big enough to hold one quadrant, so it’s working ok. Happy Thanksgiving, Yvonne, to you and yours!

  5. dcholley says:

    Really beautiful block designs!

  6. Wanda Bamberg says:

    This is very pretty. I really like the blues. Great job.

  7. Paula S. Pike says:

    Yvonne, so very pretty! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  8. I put my design wall near my machine, and arranged all the pieces, and the second block was so much easier to put together. Your dark to light in blues is wonderful.

  9. Yours is looking so beautiful, Yvonne! You are SO talented! And I want to offer my sincere thanks for the time and effort you’ve extended to make this whole quilt along possible. You’ve been very generous, and I am definitely the fortunate recipient of your generosity. Thank you so very much for helping me learn more about transparency. It’s simply fascinating, and I’d like to think that after this quilt along, I’ll be able to tackle my own project. I have such high hopes for making something spectacular. I really appreciate the inspiration and motivation you’ve shared.

  10. Elizabeth E. says:

    This is looking great–and you are right about design walls: they are most helpful in tricky arranging situations.

  11. The blocks look great. Guess I need to step up and get mine made before Friday.

  12. Kate says:

    Very pretty! I like this version made with prints rather than solids.

  13. Your dark to light version is just a nice! I’m enjoying everyone’s progress!

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