November Honey Pot Bee Blocks
Honey Pot Bee

November Honey Pot Bee Blocks

After barely getting my Quilt Along and Bee blocks done in October, I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself to have them all done before the middle of November (well, excepting my own Wayward Transparency Quilt Along, but I’ll be caught up on last Friday’s instructions soon, I hope, haha)! The November Honey Pot Bee blocks proved less challenging for me than last month.

November Honey Pot Block - Heart on a Spool

November Honey Pot Block – Heart on a Spool

Up first is the Heart on a Spool block by Kristy from Quiet Play. I chose to make the 6″ version of the block, and I also am pretending that this spool of thread is used up and empty (so the top and bottom are the same color as the center around the heart).

November Honey Pot Block - Coral Crown Block

November Honey Pot Block – Coral Crown Block

I’m pretty sure I spent more time trying to pick what colors to use and where to place them for the Coral Crown Block by Marni from Frankenstein’s Fabrics.

Honey Pot Bee Blocks

Honey Pot Bee Blocks

This is my grouping of blocks through November. I look forward to sharing my block with you early in December and then it really will become a puzzle of deciding how to integrate all the blocks into a quilt top!

17 thoughts on “November Honey Pot Bee Blocks

  1. Your blocks are looking great together and you have such an interesting array of colours too, I wouldn’t have put some of them in the mix but together they are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your block next month.

  2. the coral crown block is very interesting!

  3. Cindy says:

    A good disbursement of colour going on with all your blocks.

  4. Alison says:

    This is looking so awesome! Are you starting to think about how you’ll put them all together yet?

  5. jayne says:

    It’s amazing how this quilt is coming together! You never know how it will turn out in the beginning, but yours is fantastic!

  6. Wanda Bamberg says:

    I like all the blocks and your color coordination is really pretty. I am behind on my Bee blocks but not too bad. I got bombarded with friends and relative having babies. Can’t complain about babies, can I?

  7. The spool is great, I like the same fabric, it makes it stand out so well, And the blocks together, I can see a lot of fun arranging them.

  8. patty says:

    These look wonderful together. That second one looks a bit complicated.

  9. The little spool with the heart is so cute, it is one of my favorites.

  10. aquilterstable says:

    Looking good!

  11. Picking out the colors sometimes takes me longer to do than the actual piecing! The heart spool is adorable!

  12. kittywilkin says:

    You are so good, Yvonne!! I love your blocks and keep thinking this will be the month I jump in and catch up! Maybe, but maybe not so much. My greenery quilt is quite neglected, but the blocks for my summer adventure quilt aren’t yet finished, sooo…… anyway, I love these blocks! There’s something especially lovely about a finished spool, isn’t there? And your second block looks really fabulous mixed in with the rest of your blocks. Your quilt is rounding up nicely! <3

  13. Kate says:

    Congrats on being mostly caught up for the month. It’s going to be a fun quilt, such much variation in the blocks. It’s hard to quit looking at all the details.

  14. That is a little heart on the spool. I look forward to seeing your block.

  15. Helen says:

    Think I’ve given up on this altogether. Too many irons in the fire this time

  16. I love Kristy’s block! How cute :) I’m looking forward to seeing your block next month.

  17. That coral crown block looks like such a pita. A friend of mine is doing this blocks and she had a challenging go with that block. I really like how your purple photographed in the spool block.

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