#QuiltsForVegas - Chain Piecing



It took me a day to prep all the fabric to make enough blocks for 2 #QuiltsForVegas quilts. I am making the blocks requested by the Las Vegas MQG, so for all the details you need to participate, please visit the #QuiltForVegas post. To give a bit of context, though, I needed 10 fat quarters for the colors and just under 3 1/4 yards of white to piece all the blocks.

#QuiltsForVegas - Chain Piecing
#QuiltsForVegas – Chain Piecing

After all the fabric prep, it was 2 days of chain piecing. Lots and lots of chain piecing.

#QuiltsForVegas - All Seams Sewn!
#QuiltsForVegas – All Seams Sewn!

It was relief, more than excitement, that I felt after sewing the last seam on 58 quarter log cabin blocks. Of course, I still had the last 58 seams to iron…

#QuiltsForVegas - Quilt Top 1
#QuiltsForVegas – Quilt Top 1

I knew exactly where I was headed with the first quilt top after collaborating with Miss A and Mr. L.

#QuiltsForVegas - First Pieced Top
#QuiltsForVegas – First Pieced Top

It’s pretty magical to sew the blocks together!

#QuiltsForVegas - Second Quilt Top
#QuiltsForVegas – Second Quilt Top

I decided to change up the plan just a bit for the second quilt top and did my best to distribute the remaining blocks / colors in a pleasing arrangement.

My plan for this week will be to finish piecing the second quilt top and see how far I can get toward quilting and finishing the quilts.


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