Better Together {2018 QuiltCon Charity Quilt}

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The Blue Moon Quilters had such a good time making our 2017 QuiltCon Charity Quilt, Four Greater Than One, that when the information about the 2018 QuiltCon Charity Quilt was released, we all readily agreed to collaborate together again. The theme for 2018 is Modern Traditionalism and the color palette is vibrant!

Traditional Quilt Block Examples
Traditional Quilt Block Examples

As a group, we brainstormed traditional blocks, and we settled very quickly on Birds in the Air.

I really like to play around with design, so I spent some time making the layouts above, but nothing was really resonating with us in any of the layouts. After considering what makes a quilt “modern traditional”, I went back and played with the scale of the block.

We all liked the result of playing with scale a lot better, so then it was just a question of playing with color. To be honest, none of us had a lot of time this summer to put into design, and I think we ended up with the second color study I created because I liked it and none of us had the time or energy to go back and re-think it. Why complicate the process, right? We named the quilt for 2018 “Better Together”: a nod to the fact that we took a block and repeated it in smaller scale within itself while also acknowledging our collaborative efforts.

Michael Miller Cotton Couture (L to R): Hyacinth, Jewel, Watermelon, and Bright White
Michael Miller Cotton Couture (L to R): Hyacinth, Jewel, Watermelon, and Bright White

Once again, Michael Miller generously agreed to sponsor the fabric for our charity quilt. The colors we are using this year are Hyacinth, Jewel, Watermelon, and Bright White. The fabric was shipped to me, and I had the pleasure of prepping the fabric to pass on.

Better Together - Binding Roll
Better Together – Binding Roll

The first thing that was cut and pieced for the quilt was the binding! It was satisfying to tack it to a piece of cardboard to wait for use. I used 50wt Aurfil 2535 (Magenta) to piece the binding.

Better Together - Backing
Better Together – Backing

The next seam that I sewed was the long seam to create the backing for the quilt. The backing itself and its seam will need a good press and trimmed down to size (it is generously oversize at the moment). I used 50wt Aurfil 4225 (Eggplant) to piece the binding.

Better Together - Fabric Prep
Better Together – Fabric Prep

Then I moved on to cutting all the other pieces required for the quilt top. For the blocks, I made sure to add labels so my friends won’t have to spend a lot of time measuring and figuring out what I did (hopefully, haha).

Finally, I prepped and sewed the required half-square triangles (HSTs) for the quilt top. I will leave pressing and trimming the HSTs to the next quilters. In my mind, having the HSTs travel from me to them in the mail is a bit safer in this un-pressed and un-trimmed state. Hopefully that’s not just my inner laziness talking.

Better Together - HSTs Ready for Pressing and Trimming
Better Together – HSTs Ready for Pressing and Trimming

I will be mailing the extra fabric and everything I prepared off to Renee from Quilts of a Feather this week. She and Afton from Quilting Mod will finish piecing the quilt top and then pass it on to Sara from Blue Quail Studio for quilting and finishing. I am really thankful to be collaborating with these lovely women again, and I am already excited to see how the quilt comes together.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors: Michael Miller Fabrics, Aurifil, and The Warm Company.


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