Making Connections Table Runner
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Making Connections Blog Hop

Have you ever wanted to quilt an orange peel motif but wondered how you would do it without starting, stopping, and needing to bury lots of threads? That is just one of connections that Making Connections, a new free motion quilting book by Dorie Hruska, makes!

I was immediately drawn into Dorie’s writing style and teaching method because she encourages us to practice by drawing out motifs. (If you’ve been around my blog for very long, I hope you’ll know how powerful I think it can be to practice drawing quilting motifs.) Her clear instructions quickly build upon each other and showcase fun ways to keep free motion quilting flowing and connected across quilt tops.

Making Connections Table Runner

Making Connections Table Runner

I decided that I really needed to give one of her quilting motifs a try, so I quickly pieced a 16×40 table runner using 4-inch finished (4 1/2-inch unfinished) squares cut from my low volume stash. It was quick piecing, and needless to say… I had a lot of fun quilting it!

Making Connections Table Runner

Making Connections Table Runner

I love how the quilting flowed together. The only time I needed to stop and tie off any threads was when I ran out of bobbin thread about 70% through quilting the top!

Making Connections Table Runner

Making Connections Table Runner

The techniques in Making Connections apply equally to domestic machines or a long arm (though I quilted my table runner on my domestic Juki), making this a very versatile book for any quilter.

Making Connections Table Runner

Making Connections Table Runner

So how do you get your hands on Making Connections? Fortunately, there’s several ways!

  1. Enter for a chance to win, here and on all of the other participating blogs (see below),
  2. Purchase a copy through everyone’s favorite, Amazon,
  3. Purchase a copy through C+T publishing (affiliate link),
  4. Purchase a signed copy from Dorie herself, at Forever Quilting.

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Now for your chance to win! This contest runs today thru September 15 via the Rafflecopter contest below. This contest is open to all. C&T Publishing will send a hard copy of the book to domestic winners and an electronic copy to winners outside of the US. No purchase necessary to enter and win.

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87 thoughts on “Making Connections Blog Hop

  1. Cathy L Wilson says:

    I do FMQ and I’m really enjoying using my ruler foot and rulers to give more structure to my quilts. I really need this book so I won’t quilt myself into corners so often!

  2. Sandy K says:

    I have only done meandering on small projects. I need this book.

  3. Vicki H says:

    I have done some FMQ, but usually use my walking foot. When I do any FMQ quilting, I have to remind myself to relax and breathe.

  4. Janis T says:

    I’ve started practicing FMQ but didn’t give it enough time. I’m not giving up!

  5. Susan says:

    I have done some basic FMQing but often resort to straight line quilt instead! This book looks great!

  6. Kate says:

    I do FMQ and took a class on a similar technique! I love using these kinds of designs.

  7. EllenB says:

    I use my domestic machine for free motion and this looks like a great learning resource.

  8. Kathy E. says:

    Yvonne, your quilting using this method is perfect! I can only wish that I will get this skilled with FMQ. I do practice a few times a week on my domestic machine and I can see improvement, but still have a way to go! This book looks like it would help someone like me!

  9. I love to FMQ on my Janome Horizon. My tip is to doodle, doodle , doodle your motifs and then try the quilting on small usefull projects like placemats and table runners. Washing these practice pieces will help hide any wonky stitches.

  10. sue7oaks says:

    This is such an effective design. I’m useless at FMQ in spite of owning several Craftsy classes (practical application may help). I keep forgetting to move the quilt and it seems to stick to the machine bed. I’ve bought a slider in the hope it will improve things but have yet to actually use it.

  11. Bec says:

    I have done some FMQ on my Janome 6600, but I don’t have a favorite motif yet. One tip I have is to decide what design you want to quilt and practice on a practice piece a little so you get the hang of the movement. The one big thing I’m learning is don’t expect perfection, because I don’t think there is such thing in FMQ. lol

  12. Diane says:

    The one time I tried FMQ on a real quilt ended in several hours of unpicking because I didn’t like the way it looked. Since then, I have FMQ’d with a ruler which came out okay. I just need way more practice.

  13. wannajava says:

    FMQ is scary, but I am trying to learn. I love reading all the tips and instruction I can get to help me learn.
    Do I understand correctly that we are to put our stitch length and width to zero?
    Thanks for giveaway.

  14. Donna W says:

    I free-motion quilt and I like to mix straight lines with curves.

  15. Beth T. says:

    I am an extreme beginner at fmq, and I suppose my question is: what is your best tip (asking anyone!) for someone like me?

  16. Great FMQing design, I love the little flower type shapes that break up the orange peel. I love a quick meander, fun and easy to do.

  17. KJ says:

    That runner is amazing. The quilting is fantastic. I do not free motion quilt, yet. Due to ankle issues I cannot use a foot pedal so use a stop/start button. I have been told more than once that one cannot FMQ with a stop/start button, and so I hesitate to try to prove them wrong. Can I FMQ with a stop/start button?

  18. Tina says:

    I’m in the process of quilting my first quilt other than a mini. This book would be a great help. Thanks!

  19. Tu-Na Quilts says:

    I fmq using my domestic machine for smaller projects and rent time on a longarm at my local quilt shop for larger projects. Karen

  20. Chris says:

    I don’t have any favorites, I’m just learning. I stare at a quilt and go what now? Sort of paralyzed half the time. Where do you start?

  21. Jane says:

    Your table runner finish is fabulous. Thanks for the chance in winning this got to have book.

  22. Lea says:

    I’ve done straight line quilting (which I love the look of and to do! it’s my favorite) But it would be good to explore and expand more with my machine quilting. I’m a hand quilter who only started machine quilting a few years ago and I need more practice.

  23. Jayne P says:

    When I have tried FMQ before I have had to spend a long time tidying up those loose ends so I definitely think this is the book for me

  24. Nancy N says:

    I do FMQ on my domestic. Orange Peel is still one I am trying to improve at. My hint, practice, practice, practice.

  25. Mom C says:

    I love FMQ. But I need to gain more control over my designs. I have too many loops and strange lines so I’m not always happy with what I have done. Thanks.

  26. Kate says:

    I haven’t tried FMQ yet. With such limited sewing time, I prefer to piece the quilts and let someone else quilt them.

  27. dioneags says:

    If I have a complicated design that I want to quilt with accuracy, I like to trace it onto thin paper and quilt by tracing. I like this method so much I have even written about this recently at

  28. Krista Wells says:

    I’m a beginning free motion quilter. No favourite motifs yet – I’ve quilted a few larger quilts with an allover meander and a few baby quilts with an allover loop . I would love to learn new motifs.

  29. Michele Breault says:

    I am a new long arm owner and thus far I can do a meander and a loopy meander. Wanting to do more. This book might help…

  30. SarahZ says:

    One of these days…I do not fmq, and am bewildered at myself that I still don’t! This looks like a good book to nudge me over the edge, finally! I love your LV table runner, Yvonne!

  31. Danette says:

    Well, I don’t FMQ yet. I’ve tried a few times, but always want to pull the quilt and I get long threads and it doesn’t work. I know you have to practice so maybe someday….

  32. I love what you did with the table runner! Can’t wait to see other designs in the book!

  33. Noreen says:

    I TRY to free motion quilt. No favorite design or tip. I know that I just have to sit down & practice, practice, practice.

  34. Janet T says:

    Great job done on the table runner. This hop had definitely motivated me. Thank you!

  35. anna says:

    I do FMQ on my domestic also straight line and use templates at times, no one favorite just like to play around

  36. Gloria Cotten says:

    Yes, I enjoy free motion quilting very much! I don’t really have a favorite motif but have been doing a lot of paisley shapes lately and also vining leaves. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Carol W says:

    Your runner is lovely.

I really appreciate the time and thought you take to comment, and I look forward to conversing with you. :)